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Thursday, September 6

A Big Life Update: Just Kidding!

Remember that big update I shared with y'all yesterday? The one where we were moving to Phoenix in 6 days? Well, just a few hours after I posted it, we found out from Doug's company that our plans were changing once again.

That's right. We aren't moving to Phoenix. We're actually staying here. I can't go into details yet, but Doug's company decided it was best for us to be in Orange County. But we still have to be out of our house in 5 days because our landlords already rented the house out. So I had to cancel on our apartment in Phoenix and have been scrambling around all day trying to find something here. We're still keeping our stuff in storage until we find something more permanent here, so we'll do a furnished apartment for now...if I can ever find one without a weight limit for dogs!!!

Today has definitely been one of the most stressful days of my life. (Are y'all tired of listening to me complain? Because I'm sure tired of it!) This news was both good and bad, I guess. It made some things easier, but also complicated a lot, like the fact that we have no idea where we will live in 5 days. Plus I'm really, really sad we had to give up our house when we didn't need to, just because of the timing of it all. But in the long run, I am happy to be staying here. We both love it and are glad to extend our stay. Plus we can continue our laser tag membership :) It's a win-win, I guess!

PS- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my sweet parents! I love you both and miss you so much!!

Wednesday, August 17

GA to CA: Roadtrip Recap

(I had written a lot of this during the trip, but between my blogger app and the hotel internet, it was impossible to post it!)

We made it through the first day! It was actually a lot more fun than we had anticipated.  We drove through Georgia, Alabama, then stopped in Mississippi to see Doug's grandparents, where Maisy made a new friend, a sweet poodle named Maggie.

As you can see, we're taking pictures of every state sign. I was driving when we entered Louisiana so you can see the professional quality photos that Doug took. I had to majorly crop it just to see the state name.

He was also in charge of taking pictures of the Mississippi River.....FAIL.

Then we made our way to Shreveport, LA to meet Megan! The post about our awesome blate is here.

On day 2, we drove through all of Texas and into New Mexico, finally making it to Albuquerque for the night.

And on day 3, we drove through the rest of New Mexico, into Arizona, then finally into California!

36 hours of driving later, we made it home last night. We are so surprised and thankful that we didn't have any issues during the trip! We could not be more proud of our little pets- they were just perfect in the car. They slept the entire time and barely made a peep! Such little angels :) I've taken about 4,000 pictures of them, but I'll try to narrow it down and share just a few:

"Get me outta here, Mom!"

Home sweet home, California?

Sunday, August 14

Road Trip 2011

The roadtrip has begun! We have our car loaded up, the babies tucked in, and coffee in hand.

As you can see, they have it pretty good.

I think I'm going to document this 36 hour trek as much as I can, thanks to this handy little blogger app.

Our stops today include Clinton, MS to see Doug's family, then onto Louisiana to see one of my favorite bloggers! Stay tuned! :)

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Location: Temple, Georgia

Monday, July 11

More Bounce in California

Click play and read on

I can finally tell y'all the big news that I've been tormenting annoying you all with!

We're moving..........


Irvine, California!

It's about 45 minutes south of Los Angeles, which I am pumped about. Lots of celebs to see stalk.

Doug's company is transferring him here. We found out almost a month ago, but I couldn't put it on here until his boss announced it. I (sadly) quit my job (where I cried the ugly cry on my last day) a couple weeks ago so I could get ready for the move, and most importantly, spend time with my family. 

We are going out there next week to find a place to live, and then Doug starts on the 25th. I want to rent a house, so Maisy can have a yard to run in. This trip will actually be my first time in California! It's kind of weird that I'm moving somewhere I've never even been, but I know I'll love it.

However, I've lived in Georgia my entire life. I went to college an hour away from home. This move will be a shock to me, I'm sure, and will take some time to adjust. I'm not letting myself get sad yet...just excitement for now :)

Another exciting part is.....Doug and I are driving out there! I refuse to put my babies (Maisy and Pep) on a plane (Maisy would have to go in cargo...NO thank you!) My mom was supposed to do this trip with me, but her treatment schedule made that impossible :( 

The drive is 36 hours. Luckily, Maisy and Pep are angels in the car and sleep most of the time. I'm pretty excited about our trip! 

SO, if you know of any connections, recommendations, jobs, etc. for anything in the Irvine/LA area, let me know! We don't really know anyone or anything there!


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