Monday, August 25

We Moved to Atlanta! And Bought a House!

I've been MIA around here for months now, but I'm back with some pretty exciting news!  We moved back to Atlanta and just bought our first house!!!

We just closed on Friday and immediately started working on it.  There's a lot of painting in our future! Now that I'll have all of these fun projects to write about, you'll be seeing more of me around here.  

It feels so good to be back home! 

Tuesday, March 11

Client Living Room / Bathroom Reveal!

I'm so excited to finally post these pictures! It only took me about 2 weeks to redecorate my client's living room and bathroom, but we had to wait another 2 weeks for a custom frame to come in. (Speaking of, if you ever need a custom frame, go to Hobby Lobby! Their price was less than half the price of Michael's!) I had the absolute best time working with this client- we chatted just about every day and had so much fun working together. So I was thrilled when she told me that she wanted me to redecorate her kitchen and son's room next! Let the fun continue! Anyways, here's her brand new living room and bathroom!

Nellie loves her new living room, too :) I absolutely love this dog. She was in training to become a guide dog but failed her test because she couldn't stop wagging her tail. How sweet is that? It all worked out because this lovely family adopted her and now she lives such a happy life! 

Nellie, in her permanent belly rub position :)

Sunday, February 9

Hello February!

Let's review January, since this is a journal of our lives. We must document the good and the bad! And unfortunately, January was pretty much all bad. (I usually try to keep this blog happy and positive...this post is neither of those- just warning you :)

Week 1- The day after we got back to California from spending Christmas in Atlanta, I found out that my car needed a new battery and starter. There goes $500! 

Week 2- We said goodbye to our sweet Deucie, and on the same day, found out that Pep has diabetes. A very expensive diagnosis, but luckily a manageable disease.

Week 3- On my way to a client's home, I was in a wreck that shut down the 405. A truck swerved to the right, causing one car to spin off the highway. Then he swerved in front of us across all 5 lanes and flipped over in the HOV lane. The car to the right of me swerved to avoid hitting the truck and smashed into me. It was absolutely terrifying, but thankfully everyone was okay. The damage was limited to the front right corner of my car, so I figured I would have my car back in 2 weeks tops.

Flipping the truck back over

My wheel was completely bent in

Still Week 3- One night, I found a lump on Maisy (In the past 2 years, she's had 3 surgeries to have lumps/tumors removed- only 1 was cancer.) So I just knew that she would be having yet another surgery the next day. But the next morning when I was about to take her to the vet, I couldn't find the lump! It was gone! I think God knew that I was this close to my breaking point, so he shrunk it overnight :)

Week 4- I found out that my car was totaled- I was definitely not expecting this news at all. Granted, my car was now 10 years old, but I loved my car and planned on driving it until it died. I'd had it since I was 16 and I was not ready to part with it. So this began the week of car shopping, and eventually I decided on this little beauty (with a little beauty in the back seat!)

I love my Nissan Rogue! 

So the day after I got my car, I had to drive to my client's house who I was going to when I got in my wreck. I was so anxious about it. Guess what was on the highway? A LADDER. Yes, a ladder was in the middle of the lane next to me, but luckily I avoided the swerving cars. And guess what happened the next day on my way to another client's home? I was driving down the 5, and a rock hit my brand new windshield and put 2 little cracks in it. 

And that pretty much summed up January. 

Thankfully, besides getting a stubborn cold, February has been much easier on us all. Hoping and praying that it continues this way! I've been decorating a client's living room and bathroom, and I cannot wait to show y'all the final pictures! Here's a sneak peek of the bathroom.

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