Tuesday, February 23

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower

I haven't posted on here in almost a year, but I wanted to share some pictures from a baby shower I co-hosted at our house last weekend.  The theme was children's books, and it was so much fun to put together for our friend!

These pinwheels were easy to make, and they actually helped me regain some strength in my fingers!(I broke my wrist on Christmas and lost complete use of my hand for a while.)  I used scrapbook paper and pages from a children's book to tie in with the theme.

Each food item was inspired by a children's book!

I cut a moon out of cheese for the grits.  Doug walked in while I was doing this and may think I'm a little crazy ;)

We had some fun activities like Baby Bingo and an ABC book for the baby. 

We also had a coffee and hot chocolate bar, complete with yummy toppings!

My friend Brittany made these adorable (and delicious) chocolate chip cookie favors for the guests.

Jaclyn, the beautiful mom-to-be!

It was such a fun day, and we are ready to meet baby Elliott!

Monday, May 11

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

This post is about 8 months overdue!  Once we had our den walls painted, I knew our fireplace had to be painted as well.  It was a dark red brick with matching grout, and it would stick out like a sore thumb in this pretty new room.  I love the look of brick though, so I used a technique that would keep that authentic look.  Here are the details!

First, I painted the entire fireplace with primer.  I just used what we had on hand, which was Zinsser 123 Plus.  

While I was painting, this was my view.  Homeownership can be exhausting!  :)

Then I painted the base color, or the grout color.  I bought 4 colors for this project- a grout color (light tan), and 3 shades of brown for a good variation. For all of these, I used samples from Sherwin Williams.   For the bricks, I simply cut a sponge to the exact size of a brick and varied the placement of the different shades.  I also layered the colors on top of each other (I would sponge on the dark brown, then sponge a lighter shade on top, and vice versa.)  The trick is to create a variety of shades to look like real brick.

So I wouldn't have too much paint on the sponge, I used a brush to lightly apply paint.  Don't push down too hard on the sponge, so you get that nice speckled look!

This project took less than a day and was very inexpensive- just a couple of sponges and 4 paint samples!

Wednesday, April 22

Home Office Reveal

I finished up our home office a couple months ago and forgot to share it!  This may be my favorite room in the house (the dining room, which is almost finished, is a close second!)  

These bookcases are what started the room!  When I was dreaming up this office, I had a vision in my head of two large bookcases with shelves on top and cabinets on the bottom and a lateral file cabinet in the middle.  But I thought it would cost a fortune to find what I was looking for and we'd probably have to wait a long time to do this room.  Then a friend of mine listed these bookcases on a Facebook yard sale site, and it all just fell perfectly into place.  It was really meant to be because I already had my eye on this file cabinet (from Kmart!) and the dimensions fit perfectly with it!  They were solid, unpainted wood so I gave them a new look with some paint and new hardware!

I also had a vision for a clock on a rope, and somehow found exactly what I was looking for.  HomeGoods for the win!

After doing countless gallery walls for clients, I finally have one of my own!  

I made this arrow with leftover wood from our headboard (which I don't think I ever blogged about? I'm so behind!)

We are still loving our DIY Iron Pipe Table!


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