Tuesday, January 31

Cutest (Fictional) Couples

I've been watching Gilmore Girls recently, and I cannot explain in words how adorable I think Luke and Lorelai are. They are possibly my favorite fictional couple ever. I demand a GG movie! I want more! 

This got me thinking about other ridiculously cute couples. Here are a few of my favorites.

Derek and Meredith
AH! I love them so much. The way he looks at her kills me. (I realize I sound crazy)

Jack and Rose
You are probably laughing at this one, but Titanic is tied for my all-time favorite movie. Jack Dawson is a dreamboat!

Marshall and Lily 
(AKA Marshmallow and Lilypad)
These two are insanely adorable. 

Ezra and Aria
These two newcomers definitely make the list. And the fact that their relationship is forbidden makes it even better :)

Noah and Allie
Greatest love story of all time!

Ross and Rachel
The series finale always makes me cry...she got off the plane!

Tenley and Kiptyn
Okay, so this one is not fictional! These are 2 of my favorite people from the Bachelor franchise, and I think they are THE cutest couple! They live in San Diego, and Doug says I should be friends with them. I agree, but I don't think there is a non-creepy way to make that happen. So I will love them from afar!

So who'd I miss? Who's your favorite celebrity or fictional couple?

**UPDATE! Brittany reminded me of Jim and Pam! Of course, they must be on the list!! 

Monday, January 30

TMZ Tour!

We had the best weekend! On Saturday, we headed up to LA with our friends from UGA, Jeremy and Emily, for the TMZ TOUR! The boys sweetly agreed to join us, and they were surprised that they enjoyed it, too. I highly recommend it!

Our tour guide Alex, who is on the show!, took us around Hollywood and Beverly Hills for 2 hours, showing us the landmarks and hunting for celebrities. 

We were driving down Rodeo Drive when HARVEY LEVIN runs out of Hugo Boss and jumps on our bus!

He was so nice and took the time to talk with us. Loved him!

{Beverly Wilshire Hotel}

{Some fancy hotel where big celebs live- Elton John, Cher, and a lot more!}

{Pink's Hot Dogs- see the line!? It wrapped all the way around the building and apparently is always like that!}

{Eva Longoria's restaurant!}

I won a t-shirt for knowing what TMZ stands for! ha!

After the tour, we grabbed dinner then enjoyed some Crumbs Cupcakes, where we ran into Captain Jack Sparrow.

Then we headed to my favorite place in LA- The Grove!

And we ended the night at the Farmer's Market!

It was the perfect day :) 

Friday, January 27

Fur Baby Friday: Nestful of Love

Hi y'all! We have some more adorable cats on the blog today. Allison is a new blog friend that I just adore, and her furbabies are sure to make you smile. Take it away, girl!


Hello friends! I'm Allison from over at Nestful of Love and I'm so excited to be posting for Julie on Furbaby Friday! Today I'm going to be gushing about my 2 furbabies Bear and Sawyer.
Growing up my family always had both dogs and cats and I always loved our cats, but was drawn more to our dogs. When it came time for Drew and I to get a pet we decided a cat would be a smarter choice for our lifestyle at the time and we are so happy to have 2 amazing and very quirky cats. Here they are!
Meet Bear-Bear loves to chase lasers, ride in the laundry basket after I unload the drier and his favorite past time is eating...he tells me when it is dinner time!
Meet Sawyer-Sawyer is my cuddle bug. He is always ready to cuddle and greets me at the door when I get home from work. I always feel loved when he is around.
Their first night in their new home
They are brothers from a shelter and we bought them when they were around 1 year old. Sadly we missed them being baby kittens, but the important thing is that they got a good home. So many people were snatching up the litters of kittens by the handful, but ignoring the older cats which made us sad so we gave in and decided to get one. Then we found out our cats were brothers and we had to get two...we are suckers for cute animals.

These two have turned me into a crazy cat lady as I have discovered after reading the amazing blog Cat Verses Human. I saw this picture and was like whoa...I'm that girl (well not really, but kind of).

I will admit that for my birthday last year my husband made me a calendar of our cats that I have hanging up at work. I also drink out of a mug at work with a cat on it. My 2nd grade students know how much I love cats and they regularly draw me pictures and write stories about Bear and Sawyer. Sometimes they even draw pictures for me to "give" to Bear and Sawyer.
We are doing a class service project and my class voted on where the money should be donated. Hands down the animal shelter won. When I asked them why they chose the shelter they said "because we know how much you love your cats!" Isn't that sweet?
Well that's all the talking I'll be doing about my cats (for today) but you can always hear more about them on my blog! Thanks for having us today Julie! Happy Friday friends!

Wednesday, January 25

Family Trip: Part 2

In few words and lots of pictures, here's the rest of our family trip! 

{San Diego Zoo}

 {Laguna Beach}

{Balboa Island}

We crossed several things off of our California Bucket List...which I've been meaning to post! That'll be coming soon! 


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