Friday, January 6

Fur Baby Friday: Legally Lovely

Fur Baby Friday is back for the new year! And we have one of my most favorite people ever here to start it off! Emma and I totally hit it off the moment we found each other's blogs, and I know you'll love her (and Sally cat) just as much as I do! 


Hello, all! 

I am excited to be here posting for Julie. This is my first time venturing away from my own blog! (Kind of like the blog equivalent of going to your first sleep over?) Since I'm a new face here, I'll go ahead and tell you something that most people learn quickly - I am a crazy cat lady.* I am the girl in the Kroger checkout line at 10pm with a case of Sunkist and cans of cat food. But, I will happily be a crazy cat lady for this little fur ball; meet Sally Jo.

Sally began her life as a street cat, but is now the most spoiled cat in the Midwest. I found her a while ago at our hometown library. The librarians told me that workers from the Humane Society had been trying to catch her for ages, but had never succeeded. I'd love to know what methods they tried because it took me about thirty seconds to get her into my car with a bag of deli turkey. 

(Fun Fact: Sally has a theme song that is inspired by her former street life. If you take the song from Aladdin - "riffraff, street rat, I don't buy that..." - and just change it to - "riffraff, street cat..." - you've got it.) -- oh man, do I sound goofy right now.

Despite being adopted by the family and living at home for a while, Sally is "my" cat. When I decided to move away to law school, Sally decided she'd like to try that too, so now she's my roommate. While she has a wide range of interests (napping, meowing, pawing me in the face at 3am to remind me she is alive), she spends most her time acting like the sassiest thing on four legs. She is the Mariah Carey of cats - pure diva attitude.

And while she occasionally nips at my ankles when I've been away too long, or favors my boyfriend over me now and then, she has her redeeming moments. She listens to me complain after a long day in the library and she likes to snuggle at night. Sometimes, she even lets me twirl her around when we listen to Beyonce.

Yep, crazy cat lady.
I guess I love that spoiled little ball of fluff. 

A very Happy New Year from us both!

*Legitimately. Actually, this post is basically a love letter to my cat. Julie, what have you done to me!?


That's what I do best, Emma! Making people sound ridiculous talking about their pets! I do it every day, so I may as well trick people into doing it with me! :)

Now y'all leave Emma some love and make sure to check out Legally Lovely


Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

Hahahaha yes! All of my favorites are colliding!

Awww...I didn't know you got Sally at the library?! How perfect. I can't wait to meet Sally.

Rebeka said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this SO MUCH! Sally sounds like the coolest ever. I want to be friends with her! And that's funny that she likes boyfriend better than you sometimes, because I'm pretty sure my boyfriend's cat likes me better than him sometimes too.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

..."She favors my boyfriend over me now and then..."

Now and then? Try, ALL THE TIME. Seriously.Every time.

It's because she RESPECTS me. I know how to treat a cat like a cat.

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my goodness, Julie. So much going on right now.

1. Thank you for letting me post for you and putting giant pictures of my cat's face on your blog.

2. Brittany, we are all colliding in one place! Insanity. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all collide in real life, please? You all should come to Derby and we can party and watch horses race and everyone can meet Sally. She is super needy and will love the attention.

3. Julie, I can't believe it, but the boyfriend actually commented on your blog. (so out of character for him, since he doesn't even comment on mine). A big CONGRATS to you. He is super smug about Sally loving him more and I hate it. Seriously - she hears his voice and her stubby little legs come runninggg to him. ugh. HATE.IT.

xoxoxoxoxoxo from KY to CA.

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm definitely a crazy cat lady too. Haha. I love the Fur Baby Friday idea Julie...this is the first one I've seen and I'd love to do one for you sometime if you need someone! :)

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