Tuesday, March 3

DIY Iron Pipe Table

Last weekend, Doug and I built an accent table for our home office!  I had been looking for one that would really be a statement piece but hadn't seen anything I loved.  Then I remembered seeing iron pipe tables on Pinterest, and I thought it would go perfectly with our new desk.  Plus, I find it way more rewarding and fun to create something together rather than to just buy something I come across in a store (although that's fun, too :)  I didn't follow any plans or tutorials, we just thought it all out as we went.  This is Doug's favorite part- the sketching and the designing, while I love the actual labor part.  I'm always antsy to start cutting and drilling!  I think we make a pretty good team!  :)

For the table top, I wanted reclaimed wood that had lots of character.  We got some free pallets that I loved from a local tile store, but I really wanted the top to be at least over an inch thick.  So we go to Home Depot and as we're pulling up, we spot this big pile of old wood sitting by the curb.  Some of it was covered in bird poop, but some of it was absolutely gorgeous and perfect for this project!  I found a really nice Home Depot employee who gave us the go ahead to help ourselves!

Once we found the wood for our table top, we sketched out our vision for the table.  We wanted the table to be 31" wide and about 35" tall.  We also wanted several crossbars to add some visual interest, instead of just 4 legs.  We used 1" diameter pipes.

For these dimensions, you will need:

(4) 18" pipes (the tops of the 4 legs)

(4) 12" pipes (the bottoms of the 4 legs)

(1) 24" pipe that we had cut and threaded to 20.5" (the crossbar in the back)

(4) 3.5" pipes (the small crossbars on the sides)

(6) T-shaped connectors 

(8) 1" flanges (the feet and what connects the legs to the bottom of the table top)

All of the pipes cost us about $150.  It was way more expensive than I was expecting, but since the wood was free, I guess it's not too bad for a custom table!  We also used the black steel, rather than the galvanized steel since they were half the price.

We stopped by my parents' house to use my dad's table saw to cut all of the wood, then came the worst part of the whole project- taking all of the stickers off of the pipes!  I scraped them off with a razor then Doug wiped them all down with Goo Gone to get any remaining stickiness (and oil) off.  Once they were clean, we built the frame.  We each put together an "H" (the two legs plus the small crossbar), then we connected them with the long crossbar.  You want to tighten each piece as you go, so you don't have to mess with the connections once it's all together.  We set the frame in place and made sure everything was level and sturdy.  

We used two pieces of pallet wood to secure the two planks used for the table top.  We screwed them together from the bottom, then placed the table top on the frame and screwed the flanges into the pallet wood.  And our table is done!

(Sneak peek of the gallery wall in the mirror!  It's not quite finished, I still have to fill in a few more frames.)

Lamp and picture frame- Target,  Plant- HomeGoods,  Birds- Hobby Lobby



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