Tuesday, February 23

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower

I haven't posted on here in almost a year, but I wanted to share some pictures from a baby shower I co-hosted at our house last weekend.  The theme was children's books, and it was so much fun to put together for our friend!

These pinwheels were easy to make, and they actually helped me regain some strength in my fingers!(I broke my wrist on Christmas and lost complete use of my hand for a while.)  I used scrapbook paper and pages from a children's book to tie in with the theme.

Each food item was inspired by a children's book!

I cut a moon out of cheese for the grits.  Doug walked in while I was doing this and may think I'm a little crazy ;)

We had some fun activities like Baby Bingo and an ABC book for the baby. 

We also had a coffee and hot chocolate bar, complete with yummy toppings!

My friend Brittany made these adorable (and delicious) chocolate chip cookie favors for the guests.

Jaclyn, the beautiful mom-to-be!

It was such a fun day, and we are ready to meet baby Elliott!


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