Monday, July 1

Life Lately

Since I've joined Instagram, I've been using my camera phone more and my DSLR a whole lot less. I've contemplated whether or not to share those on here and ultimately decided that this blog, more than anything, is a scrapbook of our lives so I want to include those instagram photos, even though a lot of you may already seen them if you follow me on there! I print this blog into books so I want to remember those photos, too! So here's a mix of Instagram and other iPhone pictures of our life lately.

Everybody pile on Daddy :)

Cutest face in the whole world

One of my new favorite dresses from where else, Target! I have Meghan to thank for this...she posted it on Instagram and I had to run out and get it, too! Notice the photo-bomb from all 3 pets? :) Also- I feel really awkward about selfies, but for some reason, chopping my head off in them makes me feel a little less awkward about it...that's why I'm headless here :)

I don't think I ever posted about my trip to Destin with my 2 best friends. SO MUCH FUN! Suzanne, on the right, just got engaged so the weekend was full of wedding planning and dress shopping! I love these girls, and we're planning to make this trip an annual tradition.

Best part of being in Atlanta? These adorable people right here!

And having a fun dinner date with Chelsea and Ashley!

Doug and I were walking around in Macy's when I spotted a teenage guy with a bird on his shoulder. His name was Rick (the bird, not the boy) and I'm usually not a big fan of birds, but we hit it off right away. Since being in California, I've seen a dog, cat, bird, and pig at the mall. It's a whole different world out here!

Doug and I had a fun date night with Steve Miller Band...our 5th time seeing him!

Thank y'all SO MUCH for all of the well wishes and encouragement about my announcement! It's been so exciting, and it's definitely been keeping me busy! I just loved this quote from my friend Anna's feels great to finally take a risk! 

My business cards are in! And they accidentally sent me twice as many as I ordered! Thank you, Zazzle!

I find them in adorable positions like this everyday, but it never gets old! 

Funny story about Diego...he LOVES Maisy's bed and is always stealing it. So Doug got the blanket that he loves and laid it right next to the bed so he would sleep there and Maisy could have her bed. Looks like he didn't get the memo, and poor Maisy is too sweet to kick him out!

And finally, DEXTER IS BACK!!!


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