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Thursday, March 31

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

The other day, I made the spontaneous decision to get a twitter account (shocking, I know, that I didn't have one until now!) but I'm not sure what to do with it. I have never really understood the point of twitter. It only seems like facebook statuses, so if you have a facebook, why do you need both?

Well, I was bored the other day and decided to try it out. I didn't know what my name should be. I have seen people do their blog's name, so I just went with that since jminton was taken. But now I'm thinking maybe I should have gone with my name instead??

And now for a confession....I have a weird obsession with The Bachelor/ette alumni. I know that they all date each other and it just fascinates me to know who they're with on that day. This is why 99% of the people I'm following are people who used to be on the Bachelor :) Weird, no? I acknowledge and accept that it is.

And I have NO idea how to read Twitter lingo! RT? I don't understand who's tweeting who on the main page when multiple names are listed!

I don't know if I'll post anything, I may just be more of a silent stalker of lame ex-reality stars :-) (Including Brad and Emily!)

My name is @smittenmintons but I may change it (if I can?)

So what do y'all think of Twitter? Is it more fun than I think it is?

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