Tuesday, June 25

A Big, Exciting, Scary Announcement!

For the past couple of years, I've had ideas floating around in my head about different careers I'd enjoy. But honestly, I was too afraid to try. So I stuck with what was familiar and stayed in my comfort zone. I don't know exactly what pushed me to try for more, but I finally got the courage to just try. 

I am starting my own professional organizing/interior design company! I'm equally excited and terrified by this! Okay I lied, I'm probably a little more terrified than excited right now...but great risks lead to great rewards, right!? 

I had my first job on Friday, where we organized the client's entire house. It wasn't as severe as you see on Hoarders, but it was definitely the closest thing I've seen to it in real life. It was very fast-paced and physically demanding, but the finished result was incredible. And the best part was showing the client her new organized home. Such a wonderful feeling!

My business will be called:

 My new website is just about complete and you can check it out here! And I would love for y'all to check out (and maybe like? :) my Facebook page here. The few people I've told so far have been so supportive, and that means the world to me right now! I was especially happy when I saw this comment on yesterday's post:
Allison, you could not have encouraged me at a better time...thank you, sweet friend! :) 

I've always had a passion for both organizing and design, so I'm really excited to get started on this new journey! (Don't I sound like someone on the Bachelor? :)

Monday, June 24

Closet Transformation

Another project my mom and I tackled while I was in Atlanta was the master closet. I'm not exaggerating when I say my parents still had clothes that were OLDER THAN ME! So this project was long overdue. For $100, we were able to transform this closet, and it made such a huge difference!

BEFORE pictures:

And after! Look at all of that floor space!

We even had extra shelf space! 

Bins from Target and boxes from Michael's created a clean and simplified look for the shelves, instead of having loose items all cluttered together.

And the best part- the accessories corner! My mom had her scarves all folded up, so she didn't really know what she had. So we got creative and hung them up on the slats of the shelf. Now she can see all of her scarves and jewelry in one pretty place.

My favorite thing in the closet- this adorable mirror!

And this tray is a close 2nd :)

It's amazing how much room you can create by just using the same coat hangers!

Stay tuned...I have some very exciting news to announce this week! 

Wednesday, June 19

Office Makeover

I think this is my favorite room re-do to date. It's definitely the most drastic! My parents' office was overflowing with furniture and clutter, and there was not one pretty thing in the room. Sorry Mom, but it's true :) So we started from scratch, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. 

(I know my mom is cringing right now at the sight of these!)

And after!

We chose a pale blue for the walls and white sheer curtains to give the room a calm, airy feel. To balance it out, I picked espresso furniture to give it a little more masculinity for my dad :) I fell in love with the 3 bookcases as soon as I saw them, since they wouldn't be too tall and over-powering in the room. And that beautiful sunburst mirror was the perfect focal point in the room. 

Since they now have a buffet instead of a china cabinet in the dining room, we ordered this cabinet to store extra crystal and office accessories. This combined with the shelves were more than enough storage. We used baskets and photo boxes to consolidate all of the smaller items on the shelves.

I'm in love with this mirror! 

Such a dramatic change, right? I always decorate on a tight budget, and this room was no exception. Most of the small decorative items are from Michael's, and the cabinet and bookcases are from (online) Walmart! And my beloved mirror? $40 at Target! This room is now beautiful and functional, with more than enough storage space!

I have so enjoyed organizing and decorating my parents' house...there's only one room left! We plan on doing my parents' room in the same color scheme over the holidays. I don't know what we'll do on my visits home after we're done!

A few of my other favorite rooms in their house:

Tuesday, June 18

Easy Bench Makeover

Hi y'all! I've been a little MIA around here, but now I'm back home after a nice long trip to Atlanta. I have several posts lined up, but here's a quick project I did while in Atlanta! My parents have had this bench in the upstairs hall for as long as I can remember...probably as long as I've been alive! The fabric was so outdated and just ugly, so I convinced them to let me do a quick and cheap makeover. 

It was so easy. We ripped off the old fabric and foam, covered the whole board in thicker foam, wrapped it in pretty new fabric, and stapled it on the bottom! It took about 15 minutes and now they have a beautiful, modern bench!

We replaced the picture of our old house with sunburst mirrors from Target. Much better!

Posts to come: an office makeover, a closet makeover, and scenes from our lives lately!


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