Thursday, April 25

Mom and Dad Come to Town: 2

We saved the best for the last day. My favorite place in Southern California has to be Balboa Island (and Peninsula). I've posted about it before here and here, but this time we decided to explore the peninsula a little more since I've probably walked the whole island by now! But first, we ate lunch at the end of the pier at Ruby's. 

Dad made a friend

We make animal friends everywhere we go. This sweet girl is Bella.

And this is Riley. 

These cats LOVED us. At one point, we turned around and they were both following us! See little Bella in the back?

It was such a wonderful trip! Mom and Dad, can you come back already? :)

Monday, April 22

Mom and Dad Come to Town: 1

After running the 5k, we headed over to the Flower Fields of Carlsbad. Instead of paying $11 per person to go inside, we found a sneaky little road above them where we had a gorgeous, free view. It's only open for a few months in the Spring, and it is absolutely beautiful. 

From our point of view, I couldn't get any great pictures but here's an aerial view. Photo from here.

Then we drove down to La Jolla to see the seals! 

The next day, we ate lunch at one of my favorite little restaurants in Laguna Beach- Greeter's Corner. They have the best fish and chips!

We also went to Corona del Mar in Newport Beach, which has the most beautiful views and houses. Doug and I went to this beach last summer, where we explored the tide pools and wildlife. 

Next post is my very favorite place in Southern California, Balboa Island!

Monday, April 15

Surf's Up!

I gave Doug this coupon for Christmas, and it was finally time for him to redeem it yesterday! That picture makes me laugh every time I look at almost looks real!

So we headed down 30 minutes to San Clemente, and Doug got all suited up. San Clemente Surf School was awesome- they provide everything you need. We would highly recommend them!

This is what I call the "oh crap, I'm going down" face :) I saw it many times during the day!

Doug getting up for the first time! My little surfer boy :)

Here's that face favorite picture of the day!


I was very proud of Doug- he did great and it takes a lot of courage to go out there and try it...courage that I definitely do not have :) 

Afterwards, we ate a delicious lunch at Cassano's. If you like pizza and you're anywhere near San Clemente, you've got to go here. I had the spaghetti and it was so good, too!

Then we walked around and explored the town a little more. I have yet to find a beach town in Southern California that I don't love. Every one of them is different and has so much character! 



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