Wednesday, November 30

Home for the Holidays

Okay, here's a little recap of our trip home. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday, and since we'll be with Doug's family this year for Christmas, we had my family's Christmas on Friday! (Then on Saturday, we celebrated my Mamaw's birthday, which is New Year's Eve...but there will be a separate post for that!)

For Thanksgiving, we had 16 people come to my parents' house, including our good family friends, the McCleskeys. Since there are so many of us, we turn our pool table/ping pong table into a dining table! And since my mom's tablecloths are about 24 years old, she agreed to let me re-do the table decor! Okay, enough talking...

Tuesday, November 29

DIY Stocking Holders

I posted these last year, but that was when about 2 people besides myself read this blog. And I love these, so here they are again!

I was trying to find inexpensive stocking holders that matched the rest of our decor but apparently that does not exist. I couldn't find anything under $20 each! 

The supplies: 

-Big ornaments (mine are $2 each at Hobby Lobby)
-Plain stocking holder ($3 each at Walmart)
-Glue gun

I'm linking up with the Christmas Cheer Link Party! Go to Cassie's blog to find more Christmas crafts! 

Monday, November 28

Monday Ramblings

I'm too lazy to upload my pictures and do a real Thanksgiving recap today, so a bullet list will have to do!

-Since we got back to California yesterday, Maisy and Pep haven't left our side...they are SO lovey and SO happy to see us!

-I'm sick. But that's not going to stop me from decorating for Christmas today! It's about to get real glittery up in here.

-We got manis and pedis while at home. I'm obsessed with the new colors I found and already ordered them!

-I want to do some Cyber Monday shopping....who knows of any amazing deals?

-I plopped down on the couch last night ready to catch up on my DVR, only to find out that it malfunctioned while we were gone and erased ALL OF MY SHOWS. And then I cried about it. Does anyone know where I can watch Regis' last week?!

Yeah, that's all I got....Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 24


Just a little note to say what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving...

Food :)
My precious Maisy and Pep
And my sweet, sweet blog friends!

I hope y'all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21

A Weekend Full of Friends

It seems like every time I come home to visit, my trip is packed full, and this time is no exception! Here's what I've done so far:

My mom and I went to the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn. And my thoughts on it? I was a little disappointed. It was SUPER hokey at some parts (the werewolf voices KILLED me) and some of the acting was just so cheesy (more so than usual!) I've heard a lot of people feel the same way...hopefully they will hear this and make Part 2 a little better!

Then on Friday, I had a blate with Ashley from Run With Me! Y'all, she was ridiculously sweet....I had the best time with her! It's so true that if you like someone's blog, chances are you'll love them even more in person! 

We met at Cafe Intermezzo in Atlanta, and I don't think we stopped talking the entire time. We will definitely be getting together the next time I'm in town!

On Saturday, I about had a stroke watching UGA beat Kentucky...they love to scare their fans like that! But we are SEC East champs! Woo hoo! Then I met up with my besties from high school, Suzanne and Rachael! I adore these girls, and I know we'll stay in touch for the long haul!

On Sunday, I went to our weekly family brunch at O'Charley's, then headed to meet my sweet, sweet roommate and best friend from college, Lesley Anne from Front Porch Sittin' with the Fentons! LA is actually the reason I started this blog! :)

the glorious red cup

We met up at Starbucks for 2 hours and chatted away, seeing as it had been over a year since we'd seen each other. I miss this girl so much (and her hubby Kyle!)...they were our favorite double date buddies! And LA, I know I told you a million times, but I LOVE your bangs!!

Tonight, I'm meeting up with 2 other wonderful friends from college! Have I mentioned how much I love coming home!?

By the way, Megan and I emailed everyone their Ornament Swap partners last night! Please let us know if you signed up but didn't get an email! Remember to ship your ornament by December 5th so we can all link-up our ornaments on the 14th :)

Friday, November 18

Fur Baby Friday: Adventures of Newlyweds

Today I have a very special little pup for y'all to meet! Sweet Ashley is such a loving fur mama, and well, I'll let Ashley explain it :)


I am so excited to be guest posting for Fur Baby Friday! I am Ashley and I blog over at Adventures of Newlyweds. I love my babe just about as much as you CAN love an animal so I am so excited for you to meet her.

New friends, meet Bella.
Bella, friends...

Bella is 10 months old and the sweetest, cutest little yorkie poo you will ever meet.
I got her just before Easter of this year and she was a totally different color.

Look at my little peanut!

She was SO tiny.  Just 3 pounds...
We SWORE we wouldn't let a dog sleep in the bed with us,
but after 4 days, she found her way into bed and has been there ever since.
I honestly can't sleep without her now! She is my little cuddle bug.

A few months ago we started to notice that Bella was limping a little bit here and there.
As the weeks progressed it seemed to get worse and worse... 

Until finally one day she quit using the leg altogether.
She would touch it to the ground every once in a while but not bear any weight on it.
This was a problem, because not only does she have all of that puppy energy,
but she also LOVES to run like a crazy!


I took her to the vet and we found out that she had a problem with her knee cap.
Basically it was stuck popped out of place.
See, lots of yorkies and little dogs have the same problem.
It is a birth defect where their kneecap groove isn't deep enough.
Left  unattended the dog loses all mobility and develops painful arthritis.
The surgery to fix it?
$1,500.00 dollars.

I know.  A LOT.
I wanted to get her surgery ASAP but we didn't have the funds,
so I started an etsy shop.  I present to you

I make handmade bracelets, necklaces, custom mugs, leashes and all kinds of treasures! 
So far, I have raised almost $800 towards her surgery.

She actually ended up having her surgery Tuesday, and is recovering at home right now.

I hope to raise the rest of the money for her surgery,
and THEN?  Well, I have had fun making things so, 
I think I am going to sponsor another pet after Bella!
Everyone needs help paying expensive bills these days, and I want to help
another pet who needs surgery to live a better life.  
I hope you all will check out the shop, and spread the word.

It is that time of year after all!

Thanks for meeting Bella and listening to her story!
Thanks again Julie!  You are awesome!


Ashley, I think it is amazing what you are doing! I know I would do anything to save my pets, and I LOVE that you are going to continue helping other pets in need! Such an amazing idea!

Thursday, November 17

SoCal Blogger Meet-Up #2

I think I'm a blogger meet-up junkie...just can't get enough of them! Last month, I went to this SoCal Meet-Up in Irvine, and I went to another one in San Diego on Sunday! I only knew Tammy before I went, so I met lots of amazing new girls! 

The meet-up was incredible. They had sponsors, goodie bags, raffle prizes, and free cupcakes. They had me at free cupcakes. The venue was amazing...a wine bar in San Diego that overlooked the ocean. Sometimes when I go new places in California, I feel like I'm in a movie or a dream...this was definitely one of those times!

The 4 amazing hosts!

We played Blogger Bingo, where they got a phrase from each of our blogs that described us, and we had to figure out who it was! Adorable!

Loved these girls. Stephanie is on the right, and y'all, it truly is a small world...When I met Stephanie, I found out that she was from Covington, Georgia! You know, where Doug and I lived for the first 6 months we were married! Turns out we lived there at the same time, and we went to the same restaurant for trivia every week! And if that isn't enough coincidence, Doug and her mom work at the same company! We were stunned! 

I also had my first Sprinkles cupcake. DELICIOUS.

Isn't Tammy adorable? I just love her!

I had a blast and cannot wait for the next one in February! 

All of these photos were taken by Karina Irene Photography.


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