Thursday, November 3

CA Home: Guest Room

Our guest room is a little more girly than the rest of the house, but I had to have some pink in the house! I went for a shabby chic/southern feel for the room, and I even got my own little craft area! 

During college, we found this dresser on the side of the road. We painted it white and put new knobs on it....brand new dresser for $20!

I got this beauty at the antique store in Raleigh. 

Doug and I made that mosaic when we were dating. And here's my little craft desk!

This makes me smile :) 

Now for the guest bathroom. This is the one room we knew we had to paint. And change the light fixture. It started out like this.

It also desperately needed some new paint on the trim.

Now it looks like this! (It looks a little different in person because this lighting is so terrible for pictures!)

I couldn't find a yellow shower curtain ANYWHERE so I found an etsy shop, Giuliana Design, to make one for me! The owner, Nan, was incredibly sweet and so so easy to work with. I couldn't say enough wonderful things about her! She makes shower curtains, rugs, throws, and more. 

The remaining rooms: the office, kitchen, and backyard (my personal favorite :)


Brandi Nell said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it! The yellow is so sweet and makes me smile!

Alex Byer said... Best Blogger Tips

Ah I love it! Yellow is one of my favorite colors :) My mom painted our old kitchen this really gorgeous cake batter yellow. It always made me hungry for cake :)

Wegan said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the room, got to have pink & girlie somewhere!!

M x

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

I remember that room! It is so lovely. You are so organized!

- Sarah

Miranda said... Best Blogger Tips

i love the guest room bedding! love yellow! it is too cute!

Greer's Gossip said... Best Blogger Tips

Love, love, love your guest room!!

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

I really love it! The guest bathroom looks MUCH better after you fixed it up. : ) And, the guest bedroom is adorable. I know where I'm staying when I visit! ; )

Brittany L. Waltz said... Best Blogger Tips

KP and I are catching up on your blog...and we are soooo happy to have made it in the guest room!!! :)

Oliviaaa said... Best Blogger Tips

hello! Found you through Tammy and excited to see you'll be at the blogger meet-up!

erica said... Best Blogger Tips

Loving the room! I wish I knew how to sew! xo

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that your guest bedroom is a bit more girly. I think we should all have one girly room in our home. I'm planning on turning our bedroom romantic one day & you know romantic means somewhat girly!

Your bathroom redo is great. LOVE that shower curtain!!!!

Ruth said... Best Blogger Tips

Both rooms look wonderful

Lesley Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

Aw I remember when you and Doug made that mosaic! You should do another one and post a tutorial :). I'm trying to convince my mom to teach me how to sew over Christmas break, how do you like your Singer sewing machine? I might ask for one for Christmas but have no idea which ones are good!

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