Tuesday, December 27

All I Want for Christmas Is...

For as long as I can remember, a pig has always been on my Christmas list. There is nothing cuter than a tiny pink pig. But sadly, another Christmas has passed and there is no baby pig in my arms.

I am convinced that this dream will come true someday...until then, I will wait patiently! 

What "alternative" pet have you asked for? A baby monkey has also been on my list a time or two :)

Wednesday, December 21

Wednesday Ramblings

First up, a weekend recap! On Saturday, we went with our Georgia friends Jeremy and Emily to the UGA vs. USC basketball game. It was 'UGA Day' and we went to the Alumni reception at the amazing Town and Gown. And UGA won the game, so it was a great night!

On Sunday, I drove up to LA for the Blogger Brunch my friend, Joelle, hosted! We went to Taste on Melrose in West Hollywood, and it was delicious!

(L--R) Leann from Join the Gossip, Tiffany (who needs to start a blog!), Joelle from Something Charming, Amanda from Beginning of Everything, and me!

(thanks for the pictures, Amanda!)

Thanks again Joelle for putting this together! Can't wait for the next one!

-I ADORE this new polish- Glitzerland by OPI. Have I mentioned how much I love glitter at Christmas time?

-Notice anything different around here? I got my first professional blog design and I couldn't be happier! I chose Smitten Blog Designs and Jacquelinne knew exactly what I was looking for.

-Doug and I saw New Year's Eve last week and I loved it! My favorite storyline was the Zac Efron one....so cute. I've heard mixed reviews about it, but I thought it was a happy chick flick that I'd love to see again.

-Our neighbors are petsitting for us again since we're going to Mississippi tomorrow to spend Christmas with Doug's family. To set up this story, you must know that this is their house:

And this is our house:

So one of their boys came over yesterday...this was our conversation:
boy: I like your Christmas tree.
me: Thank you!
boy: Are the icicle lights the only outdoor lights you have?
me: Yup...we're kind of amateurs.
boy: Well my dad has some extra lights if you want to use them.

I thought that was SO adorable! It was his nice way of telling me our house looks boring! :)

-And lastly, Maisy has been sporting a new look.
The fur just kills me! They also had matching boots but Doug drew the line there. It's a shame, because Maisy's #1 on her Christmas list was 'boots with the furrrr"

Friday, December 16

Fur Baby Friday: iPhone Pics

This week, you're just getting a bunch of crappy cute iPhone pictures. Enjoy!

These next two are my favorites. Whenever I hear Doug's car pull up after work, I start telling Maisy "Daddy's home!" and she gets SO EXCITED. On this day, she got so excited that she climbed up on the back of the couch to hug him.

See Pep on the right? They're best buds :)

(Pep is sprawled out on Doug)

Snuggle up with someone you love this weekend :)

Thursday, December 15

California Home: Office

It's been a few weeks, but the house tour is almost complete! Here's our office, AKA The University of Georgia Shrine. 

This desk was a Craigslist STEAL!

The two remaining posts will be the kitchen and the backyard, my two favorites :)

Wednesday, December 14

Ornament Swap Link-up!

You remember that Ornament Swap Megan and I hosted? Well, it's time to see all of the adorable ornaments that were exchanged! I hope y'all had as much fun as we did with this! Make sure to link-up your posts below. But first, here are the lovely ornaments I received! 

I was paired up with Maggie from A Carolina Love, and once I saw that she was a southern girl who loves her dogs, I knew we'd get along great :)

Maggie sent me TWO beautiful ornaments! 

I absolutely love them, and the bling is perfect for our tree! Thank you SO much, Maggie!! I'm so happy to have found your cute blog through this! 

If you wanna see what ornament I got Maggie, go here!


Okay, this is where I got lucky. My (IRL) friend Chrissi's partner kind of disappeared on us, so I offered to swap with her, too! And I'm so glad I did!

Chrissi sent me this ADORABLE felt Christmas tree, and it's so cute, I can't decide whether it should stay on the tree or be it's own decoration on our door! (Is it bad that I'm secretly glad Chrissi's partner vanished? :)

Thanks so much, Chrissi! I'm so glad we got to swap!

If you want to see what ornament I got Chrissi, go here! (It may or may not be the same ornament I got Maggie....and I may or may not have gotten my mom one, too....what?! I really liked it!)

If you participated in the swap, link up here! If you didn't, you can still go check out all of the ornaments...happy browsing! :)

Tuesday, December 13

The Halls Are Decked

Here's how I decked the halls around here!

And here's our house...

JUST KIDDING! It's our neighbor's house, and it makes me laugh every time. They even have music to go along with it. Okay, back to our house...

Maisy let Uga borrow her hat

And now inside...

Okay, she's not part of the decor, but look how cute she is!

I love my DIY Ornament Stocking Holders! Cute and cheap :) 

Wow, that was a lot of pictures! As you can tell, I love Christmas :)


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