Tuesday, February 26

The 3 Best Friends That Anyone Could Have

Back when Maisy was recovering from her surgery, I mentioned that Pep and Diego were very attentive to her and basically didn't leave her side for days. (Neither did I...it was a very crowded bed :) Doug was sweet enough to give Maisy his spot while she recovered, so on one late night while I was watching endless episodes of Parenthood, I looked down and saw the sweetest sight. These 3 truly love each other and I just never get used to seeing them together. It melts my heart every time. 

Hey little buddy :)

Then the next day, they did it again! I will never get sick of seeing this pile of fur and love :)

Oh, my heart.

"We're the Three Best Friends
That Anyone Could Have...
And we'll never ever ever ever ever
Leave each other"
-The Hangover :)

Monday, February 25

Guest Room

So last week I told y'all that I was going to the tapings of The Ellen Show and Women Tell All for the Bachelor! Well, I had just about the best two days! It was so much fun, and if you watch Ellen today (Monday), you may just see a familiar face on there! :) We were in the front row and should be on there within the first 10 minutes! I can't say anything about the Women Tell All yet, but just know that it was AWESOME and so full of drama. Michaela and I are planning to post about it after it airs next week! 


The next room on the house tour is the guest room. I changed this room a lot when we moved. I took out all of the pink I had in there before and updated a few pieces of furniture. This room was full of the leftover stuff I had from college, and I realized it was starting to look junky and definitely needed an update. I found the headboard and desk on Craigslist for super cheap and gave them a fresh coat of paint. I picked up the nightstand from Big Lots for a great deal, too. Did y'all know that they have decent furniture? We also got our barstools and futon there and they have held up so well! The next time I'm looking for a project, I plan to give that bookshelf a little makeover, but I'm so happy with the room now! 

So who wants to come visit? :)

Thursday, February 21


I'm in LA for the next couple days...

Seeing this girl

this girl

and these girls (plus the guy!)

Michaela and I are going to a taping of The Ellen Show today, and the Women Tell All (Bachelor) taping tomorrow! 

All I can say is, Tierra better be there because I'm dying to see her sparkle! 

Tuesday, February 19

That Time I Met a Pretty Little Liar

That's right...I met a Pretty Little Liar this weekend! It's the most coincidental story! Here's the back story:

A few months ago, I went to the Grove with Michaela and her roommate was there at the same time we were. Well, her roommate saw Shay Mitchell (another PLL) and I was pretty bummed we had missed her! I have been to the Grove many times and always hope to see a celeb, but for some reason I had the worst luck with it! 

On Saturday, I was having brunch with a few friends in Beverly Hills, and we were talking about all of the famous people we'd seen around town. I haven't run into very many since moving here (besides partying with Owen Wilson...that was amazing), and I was telling the girls how jealous I was of all their stories! 

After brunch, Doug and I decided to go to the Grove before we headed home. This is the crazy part. As we were going down all of the escalators from the parking deck, I was telling him how several people I know have seen Shay Mitchell here, but my favorite PLL is Lucy Hale. I was telling him how nice and normal she seems, and I would definitely want to meet her out of all of them. As soon as I said that, I look over and see Lucy Hale walking towards the escalators to leave. So I whispered to Doug, "OHMYGOSH THAT'S LUCY HALE!!!", grabbed his hand, and went to follow her back up the escalators. (I realize I sound like a creep! I was totally fan-girling! haha) 

Luckily she parked on the top level, so by the time we got up there no one else was around us...I definitely didn't want to cause a scene for her but I really wanted to meet her! And I was right, she was SO nice and SO down-to-earth. We talked about her new country record, and since she's from Memphis, she knew where Marietta (my hometown) is! She really couldn't have been nicer! It was also the most normal I've ever acted when I've met a celeb...I usually ramble or can't seem to speak in coherent sentences :)

She was with Amanda Schull, who played Meredith on PLL. You may also recognize her from Center Stage! She had parked on a lower level, so I didn't meet her...which was probably a good thing because I couldn't remember her real name!

It definitely made my day! Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? Are you as obsessed with it as I am? :)

Monday, February 11

Living Room Tour

Next room on the house tour is the living room. I stayed with the same color scheme as our bedroom- soft blues, shades of brown and cream, with touches of white and gold. It's simple, cozy, and a little bit feminine (sorry Doug :) We love this house so much more than our last. It's really open and has lots of natural light. I'm in love with these gorgeous French doors. Now that we're all settled in, I'm not so frustrated that we had to move for no reason :)

One thing I'm really looking forward to is buying a house and settling down somewhere. The second that happens, we're buying a new couch. I've had my eye set on this one for a while! So while you look through these pictures, just imagine this little baby in the room instead :)

Prints from Tessyla

I really love how this little corner turned out. I had the hardest time finding a console table that didn't have a bottom shelf, because this was basically the only place we could put Maisy's food bowls. So I ended up getting a vanity table from Bed Bath & Beyond, and I LOVE it. Then I needed to upgrade the plastic storage container we were using for Maisy's food bin, since we didn't have closet space for it. After another long hunt, I finally found one online that fit the space perfectly. (I'm too lazy to go back and find the link...but if you're interested, let me know and I'll find it for you :) 

I have big makeover plans for our table and chairs, but it's so big of a project that it just intimidates me. Hopefully I'll work up the nerve soon, because it will awesome if I ever make myself do it. 

You can find my post on DIY Chevron Vases here.

Monday, February 4

Master Bedroom

  When we moved into this house, I wanted to update a few things here and there to give it a cleaner, more clutter-free feel. I took away a lot of the little knick-knacks and added bigger pieces that are very versatile, so I can change them out and put them in any room of the house when I get bored with it. I really love how our bedroom turned out, here it is!

Floral prints: Tessyla  Gold Foil LOVE print: Southern Weddings

I covered some canvases I already had with fabric for an easy update! 

You can find the tutorial for this window seat cushion here.


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