Tuesday, February 26

The 3 Best Friends That Anyone Could Have

Back when Maisy was recovering from her surgery, I mentioned that Pep and Diego were very attentive to her and basically didn't leave her side for days. (Neither did I...it was a very crowded bed :) Doug was sweet enough to give Maisy his spot while she recovered, so on one late night while I was watching endless episodes of Parenthood, I looked down and saw the sweetest sight. These 3 truly love each other and I just never get used to seeing them together. It melts my heart every time. 

Hey little buddy :)

Then the next day, they did it again! I will never get sick of seeing this pile of fur and love :)

Oh, my heart.

"We're the Three Best Friends
That Anyone Could Have...
And we'll never ever ever ever ever
Leave each other"
-The Hangover :)


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