Thursday, November 10

A Jimmy Kimmel Blate

One of my new favorite blog friends Joelle emailed me a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to go with her to the Jimmy Kimmel taping where TAYLOR LAUTNER would be a guest. I couldn't write back fast enough to tell her YES!

Well, that blessed day was Monday! Since I was meeting the girls in Hollywood, I decided to go a few hours early just to walk around and pretend I'm famous. Once I had a salted caramel mocha in hand, I strolled around Hollywood Boulevard, taking in all of the sights and, of course, crazy people.

Grauman's Chinese Theater
There was a movie premiere going on at Grauman's that night (see the red carpet?) and I later found out that Jennifer Garner was there! 

Loved how Whoopi had her braids on there :)

I am a big Regis fan....and I will most definitely cry watching his last day :(

Eventually, it was time to get in line and meet up with Joelle, her friend Carrie (who really needs to start a blog so I can talk to her more!!), and another new blog friend, Maegan. We made our way into the studio, lucked out with great seats, and seriously laughed non-stop for the next several hours! Herman Cain was the other guest and was pretty entertaining, too, considering the accusations made against him that day. 

And I may have a slight crush on Jimmy Kimmel... :)

Joelle, me, Maegan
And guess what...I made it on TV! If you are thinking, "Is this girl seriously going to post a picture every time she is on TV?" The answer is yes :) 

Maegan also surprised all of us with the sweetest gift. Thank you so much girl! I absolutely adore these earrings!

After the show, we headed over to Hard Rock for some dinner, where we received truly the worst customer service EVER. By the end, we just had to laugh about how many things had gone wrong.

 In spite of this, I had the best time with these girls and cannot wait for a repeat soon :)

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Young and Fabulous said... Best Blogger Tips

ahhhh look at youuuuu on tv you supah-stah!! :-) I love it!

im dying to go to just looks like an amazing place to visit and i need to see the roosevelt hotel!

so jealous you got to meet other due for my next BLATE!!

love this :)


Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh how fun!!!! And you made it on TV too!!! That is so awesome. So glad to see you all have a great time =)

- Sarah

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

This look like so much fun! California is such a fun place; there is so much to do! I am jealous - you were in the SAME ROOM, breathing the SAME AIR as TayTay!! Oh, yum.

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fun evening! How cool seeing yourself on TV too.

Lindsay Nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Jules! So i came across this blog and thought you might be interested in helping this sweet girl... Its right up your alley with animal lovers and maybe you could post on your blog?

Miss you!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

So cool that you got there early and enjoyed the sights! Was a fun blate for sure :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so glad you loved the earrings! I didn't know who Maegan was giving them to but I'm glad it was you. :) Sounds like y'all had a blast!!!

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

TAYLOR LAUTNER?!?!? AHHHHH!!!!!! I have a bit of a crush on Jimmy Kimmel, too. He's so funny and seems normal. I love it.

That sounds like SO much fun! I wish I lived near you!!

I didn't know you were a Regis fan! I'm a huge fan, too! Regis is doing a book signing near us on the 30th and my mom and I preordered his book so that we can go! :)

By the way, you BETTER post every time you're on TV! I want to see it!! Haha!!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

So much funnnnnnn! I can't wait to do it again sometime {soon} ;)


Stesha said... Best Blogger Tips

this makes me miss living in hollywood so bad!!! uh!! love it!!! love your blog missy :)

Classic & Bubbly

Mrs. Pancakes said... Best Blogger Tips

That looks like totally fun!

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

you seriously get to the do the coolest things everrr!

and by the way, i've spent my saturday morning perusing through your and doug's wedding and honeymoon pics #creepystalker

haha can't wait for our meetup! yay!!

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh, are you serious?! You are famous AGAIN!!! Ahhhh!!!! I'm so jealous. We need to come to Cali asap!!

Ruth said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fun evening minus the bad customer service

Hollie Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

you're such a celebrity!! taylor lautner?? um i am insanely jealous!

Carrie said... Best Blogger Tips

I just saw this...I know, I'm horrible. (I don't even know how I could keep up with a blog!)It was so fun meeting you and I hope we will get to hang out again soon! =)

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