Monday, June 24

Closet Transformation

Another project my mom and I tackled while I was in Atlanta was the master closet. I'm not exaggerating when I say my parents still had clothes that were OLDER THAN ME! So this project was long overdue. For $100, we were able to transform this closet, and it made such a huge difference!

BEFORE pictures:

And after! Look at all of that floor space!

We even had extra shelf space! 

Bins from Target and boxes from Michael's created a clean and simplified look for the shelves, instead of having loose items all cluttered together.

And the best part- the accessories corner! My mom had her scarves all folded up, so she didn't really know what she had. So we got creative and hung them up on the slats of the shelf. Now she can see all of her scarves and jewelry in one pretty place.

My favorite thing in the closet- this adorable mirror!

And this tray is a close 2nd :)

It's amazing how much room you can create by just using the same coat hangers!

Stay tuned...I have some very exciting news to announce this week! 


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