Monday, April 8

My First 5k!

Well, I did it! I ran my first 5k! I have done a few 5k's before against my will, but I would only run for about 5 minutes then walk the rest :) But this time, I ran without stopping, which was such a huge accomplishment for me. As y'all know, I started the Couch to 5k program in January and was stunned when I actually stuck to it. So yesterday it was finally time to finish the drill. 

The race was in Carlsbad, and it was the perfect place for my first. It's an adorable little beach town between the OC and San Diego, and we had plenty of time to explore before our race started (at noon!). The sun came out literally 5 minutes before our race started, which I was NOT happy about (I usually avoid running in the heat at all costs, AKA I'm a big pansy) but it went well and I was just so happy that I finished!

Crossing the finish line! My actual time was 34:35 (I know, I'm really slow! You marathoners can go ahead and laugh at me :)

I have the weirdest luck with running into Bachelor people. I just happened to walk by Andy Baldwin (The Bachelor Season 10) and had to snap a creepy sneaky picture :)

It was such a great day and I was so glad that my parents were there to witness it! We never thought we'd see the day that I'd be running :) It's a miracle!


Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay!!! Congrats on a great time for the 5K!!! I am participating in my first 5K in 2 weeks and am nervous. I havent been training and cant really run for that long....this should be interesting. Ha! :)

Maggie said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations! And you be proud of your time! It's great and hello, it's your first race.

That town is adorable! Looks like the perfect place to run 3 miles :)

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats Julie! You did great! Love the pretty houses in the area!

Alex Byer said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations girl! My sister used to live in Carlsbad, so I know exactly where you were :) You did amazing, and don't knock your time! That's still pretty speedy!!

lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations!!! I am amazed by anyone who can run longer than 5 minutes without having a heart attack!! I actually like like 25 minutes from Carlsbad. Love me some San Diego!!!

Chic & Skinny

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

congrats! that is awesome. i don't think i could run more than like 3 minutes. and i'm in san diego so i know exactly were carlsbad is! next time you're in town, hit me up and we can get cupcakes or something!

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

So so so proud of you!!!! What an accomplishment :)

Meghan said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats! It doesn't matter what your time is - YOU DID IT! Amazing job! I am so excited for you:)

Jordan said... Best Blogger Tips

That's great! Congratulations!!

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job! I'm kind of signed up for one this Sunday - so this is encouraging! Also, you look awesome!!

Heather Nelsen said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay! Way to go, Julie! Love that you and Doug did this and love that your parents got to be there to cheer you on! You rock!! :)


Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

way to go! and that time is great for your first official 5K! my goal is always just to finish!

sburton1130 said... Best Blogger Tips

That's awesome girl! Congratulations! The scenery is gorgeous for that race.


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