Thursday, June 24

Our Life So Far

I was up all night last night trying to decide what my first post would be about. Since I am unemployed this summer (or funemployed as my brother likes to say), I have started reading a few friends' blogs...they are so fun to read! So yesterday I decided maybe I could be the blogging type. I spent way too many hours creating this little page, and I know it entertained Doug to see how excited I was about fonts and background colors.

Anyways, I figured my first post would be about the past month of our lives...

The happiness started when I graduated from UGA! My family and Doug's family celebrated at my favorite golf course...

The next two weeks were full of wedding details and errands, but I enjoyed every minute. Finally, it was time for the festivities to start! First we had the bridesmaids luncheon with all my favorite ladies, and afterwards we got our nails done. I love these girls!

Later that night we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! Check out those shoes ;)

The rehearsal dinner, put on by the Mintons, was fabulous at Maggiano's!

Then came the wedding day! The day I have dreamed of my entire life. It was pretty spectacular. I had my hair done, then I decided to go to one of my favorites, Blimpies. I know the owners pretty well as I went there many times a week in high school, and they were sweet enough to give me free food on my wedding day! Deuce is also wanting some free food...

And then there's my dress. Oh. My. Gosh. I have never loved a piece of clothing so much. I want to wear it everyday...

We don't have our professional pictures yet, and we won't for another 5 months probably (SO sad about that), but some of my sweet friends took pictures for me! This is my favorite picture so far, thanks Cathie!!

More to come from the honeymoon later! I am getting my "wife" haircut tomorrow...yay!


Lesley Anne Fenton said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so proud of us and our blogs, haha! This is so cute and I can't wait to read more. And I love your "About Me" picture, it was def one of my faves from your wedding!

Praatsh said... Best Blogger Tips

aw yay! i LOVEEE blogs. i cannot wait to read more!

jeannie said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute!! I am glad you are doing this. It is only fair that I keep up with you since your mom can keep up with Laura!! This is a great way to stay in touch :)

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