Tuesday, July 24

Cincinnati Blogger Meet Up!

Last weekend, Doug and I met up with my family in Cincinnati for a family reunion. And it just so happens that some of my favorite blog friends also live in Cincinnati. We had one of the best meet-ups of all time! 
I had the pleasure of meeting Brittany of Blogging Out Loud, Emma of Legally Lovely, and Allison from Nestful of Love. Allison is a such a sweetheart and we absolutely hit it off! Brittany and Emma were actually my first blog friends, so it was amazing that we finally got to meet after 2 years! I couldn't have loved them any more. 
Allison and me 

Brittany, Emma, me, Allison

Allison and her husband, Drew (such a cute couple!)

Me and Doug :)

Me, Emma, Britt

Everyone at the game got free pizza and ice cream because the Reds got 11 strikeouts! Happy girls!

Emma, Brittany, me, Doug, Allison, Drew

Friday night fireworks!

Drew, Allison, Doug, me, Brittany, Emma, and her boyfriend Alex
After the game, we enjoyed some Graeter's, which is by far the best ice cream I've ever had. I may have had it 4 times in 3 days :)

We really had a perfect night- great company, winning game, delicious food, and beautiful weather. Girls, I had the best time meeting y'all and hope that it's not another 2 years before we can see each other again!

Well, Brittany and I certainly couldn't go long without seeing each other again....Doug and I met up with her and her friends at a brewery on Saturday night, and I really don't know the last time I laughed that hard! Not only do I love Brittany, but all of her sweet and hilarious friends, too! Jenn, I wasn't kidding when I said you should start your own blog. I need that humor on a daily basis! 

This just goes to show how incredible the blog world is! 


jes @ twosmuppies said... Best Blogger Tips

blogworld is amazing!
sounds like it was a wonderful time getting to know the other bloggers in your area.
i love connecting in person after getting to know someone virtually!

Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

what a fun weekend! that ice cream looks amazing!

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed Cincy and that you agree Graeters really is the best! You are just as adorable in person...come back soon!

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so jealous that you got to meet Allison!!! I love her!!! Looks like SO much fun!!

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

How fun! I love Allison and her blog, she is so sweet! I will have to check out the other two blogs!!

Alex Byer said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay blogging meet ups! Those are my fave! I'm so glad you had fun :)

Kira said... Best Blogger Tips

I pretty much just read the same post over on Allison's blog :)
It's so fun that you were able to meet!

Kari said... Best Blogger Tips

You got to see such a great game!! We watched it at home and instantly went.."Mannnn 11 strike outs!" It happens every time we have tickets and decide not to go. Hahahaha

Glad you had a good time! Great American is an awesome ball park!

Amanda Wissmann said... Best Blogger Tips

I absolutely adore every bloggy friend that I have had the pleasure of meeting in person! Isn't it the BEST!?!?!

Looks like you girls had a fabulous time!

Stopping by from Allison's blog {Nestful of Love}. Hope you don't mind me sticking around :)


Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

No, my eyes didn't water while reading this. That would be weird...

Seriously though, spending this weekend with you (and Doug) was SO beyond wonderful! As I said, it's pretty clear to me that we were meant to be friends! Love you!!

Amanda C. said... Best Blogger Tips

That looks like so much fun. I have never met any bloggy friends IRL.

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Ahhhh. I am so jealous! Everyone got so much more time with you than I did. grrrrr. Guess that just means you'll have to come back and hang out with me again!

I didn't realize that my cap was so low-slung! You can barely see my eyes in any of those pictures. sorry!

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

how cool! this makes me wish i lived in Cincinnati during this week....miss you lots! and you look beautiful in these pics!

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