Wednesday, August 15

Carnie at Heart

Doug and I recently went to the OC Fair, and I think I frightened the poor guy by how much I LOVE THE FAIR. Seriously, I think I was a carnie in a former life. Endless (addicting) games, funnel cakes, fried everything, and the best people-watching you'll ever find. What's not to love?

We won a bunch of stuffed animals, and then gave them all to Maisy to destroy! Creepy Green Bear didn't last long.

I ended the night with a corn dog. And fresh-squeezed lemonade. And a dipped cone. And a fried Snickers :)


Jack and Friends said... Best Blogger Tips

Great pictures! I love the fair too but I can only do the rides OR the food - not both. The combination is baaad ;)

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh I love the fair! I always get a corn dog when I go. Yum! And that picture of you with all the stuffed animals is just adorable!

Katie Cook said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE these pictures! Kev and I went to the OC fair before we were officially dating, and it was so fun snuggling up on the rides together, haha! and the people watching was SO incredible...this might sound creepy but I totally took a video of this kid rocking out to the music standing by himself. We found that video the other day, and it made us crack up! thanks for sharing:) love Katie

Alex said... Best Blogger Tips

Eeee so cute :)

Amanda C. said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the fair too! Our state fair here is in September and I can't wait to go. I think I like the food the best. C doesn't like the rides, so I usually have to find someone else to do the riding with.

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

Hahaha...I think we've found our first major difference. I can't handle the fair - it totally grosses me out. However, the title of this entry is HILARIOUS.

...and I'd probably go for a fried Snickers. ;)

Jordan said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the fair too! Ours is at the beginning of the month and I can't wait! :)

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

Ah I love it!!! And I can only imagine how quickly those poor things were destroyed and the cottony mess left over! A dog's dream come true :)

Sarah Burton said... Best Blogger Tips

Such great pictures! I LOVE people watching. To prove that point, I stopped at the sixth picture just to see if there was anyone doing something crazy haha.

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Whoa, your fair looks waaaaay better than our little podunk county fair. I'm bummed that I missed it this summer (I think I was on the road?) because I didn't get to eat all the fried goodness! I would do just about anything for a fair corndog. YUM.

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