Friday, August 27

Craft Corner

This summer, while having waaaay too much free time on my hands, I have done a few little projects here and there. I have only done a few because every time I walk into Hobby Lobby, I spend a lot more money than I ever intended to.

I bought this beautiful cross at HL for 50% off.

When my mom saw it, she wanted one! So I sponge painted it white to match her pretty new room! I also covered my first cushion for the wicker furniture in her room.

For the next project, I got the brilliant idea from Laura. I got 9 square frames from the dollar store and painted them chocolate brown.

Then I got 9 different sheets of scrapbook paper for about .50 each. This comes to a grand total of $15!

I bought these pictures in Charleston a few months ago and I have been searching for a frame ever since! I saw a wrought-iron frame in IKEA a few years ago, but I couldn't find one like it anywhere. Finally, I found this frame at Homegoods for $10! I painted it the same chocolate brown, and it is just lovely!

My adorable little helper

Wow, sorry this post was so incredibly boring! Doug and I are currently considering where/when/if we want to move, and when that happens, I will have a lot more to decorate!


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