Thursday, August 19

Frank & Cara Tie the Knot

Last weekend, we drove home to spend time with family and to attend one fabulous wedding! Doug loves this picture because it looks like Pepper is driving :)

Here is the lovely couple, Frank and Cara!

This wedding was particularly special to me because I know both families so well. I have known the Engles for practically my entire life. Frank is one of my brother's best friends growing up, and they were groomsmen in each other's weddings. I was also good friends with Frank's sister, Jessie, as we went on many spring breaks, travel baseball trips, and had many, many, many nights at Sandy Plains baseball field where Pawpaw bought us lots and lots of treats from the concession stands :)
Here we are in Hilton Head- Matt, me, and Frank

Then, I met Cathleen (Cara's sister) right before we started high school. We quickly became good friends and had so much fun in high school, including an embarassing video that we made freshman year dancing to Avril Lavigne, in which of course we were dressed in Matt's shorts and my dad's ties. This picture is from spring break our junior year, when I went with her family to Destin.

This wedding was so fun because we got to catch up with so many old friends!
My cute little family-

My goofy brother

The night included a little expressive dancing

And also fun times with Andrew and Allison McCleskey

Matt apparently missed the memo about a big, cheesy grin

Sisters and wine- good combination!

My sweet little hubby

My brudder and seester
Mom and her Matts
I'm not sure what we were scheming? Actually, I think we were excited about cake (which was DELICIOUS)
Then we danced the night away
Cute Pep Moment of the Day: He found his way into the warm pile of clean laundry


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