Tuesday, January 4

Busy, busy, busy!

Today has already been so busy!! I have set up and closed multiple utility accounts. I booked movers. I changed our rental insurance. I went to doctors appointments. I got a haircut. I ran errands. I packed up my car. And I'm exhausted just thinking about everything I did!

The past 24 hours has been so exciting. Yesterday, Doug and I drove all over Decatur and found our new home! We I fell in love with an apartment complex, and Doug sweetly agreed that this was it! (Doug liked it, too, but I don't think he was quite as giddy as I was!) The complex is awesome. It has a pool, 2 tennis courts, 2 raquetball courts, and A DOG PARK! We must have seen at least 15 dogs while we were there yesterday, so you know I'm going to love it :) Who knows, maybe we will have our own dog to take to the park soon!

So today I have been running around trying to get everything ready to move. Today is my last day of freedom before I start my full time job tomorrow! We have decided that it is worth it to hire movers. We are going to start moving small stuff in this Saturday, and then do the big move next Saturday. So these next few weeks will be CRAZY with a new job and a new apartment! But I am just thrilled to be moving to Decatur.

We absolutely love the area and are excited that we will have things to do on the weekends now! (In Covington, you either 1) eat at one of the 3 restaurants or 2) go to Walmart) In Decatur, there are endless restaurants to choose from and so many great stores to peruse! Yesterday, we ate lunch at an awesome pub that is less than a mile from our apartment!

So today, I have to go to one more doctors appointment, get Pep, drive back to Covington, take down our Christmas decorations (I have an excuse...I haven't been in Covington since December 19th!) and figure out what to wear for my first day tomorrow. I'm excited but nervous! Wish me luck!



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