Wednesday, June 1

Wedding Week: Showered

I was seriously spoiled with my showers. I had 3 bridal showers that were amazing...I couldn't have planned anything better myself!

My "Aunt" Susan and "Aunt" Jeannie, who I have known for my whole life, threw me a fabulous shower. I was stunned by every little detail they planned. We invited all of my mom's friends, and since I have lived in Marietta all my life, I have known these women since I was a baby. It was soo special to have them all celebrate with me!

This is Meg. I was her (and her brother's) nanny for years...those kids mean the world to me! I was so happy to have them as junior bridesmaid and junior groomsman in the wedding, but I had a really hard time believing they were that old already! I miss the days when Meg wanted bwead and buddy (bread and butter) and tutoc (chocolate milk). But she is turning into a beautiful lady!

The hor dourves table. It was delicious and sooo pretty! They actually made that fence and put pictures of Doug and I on there. I have used it for showers that I've thrown since, and now it's in our guest room!

Then they led everyone downstairs to the 'dining area'...I couldn't believe what all they had done! Everyone had a placecard with their own lunch inside those adorable boxes, and they served lemonade and sweet tea in mason jars.

They even took the time to cut pretty paper for the tupperware lids and box. I love little details like this :)

My mom and MIL
(ignore my shiny face...this was before I switched to Bare Minerals :)
(and my eyes are all messed up in this eye corrector is not my friend)

Then we went back upstairs where these beautiful desserts appeared! It was SO dang cute. They had painted chalkboard paint on wine glasses so they could label everyone's dessert!

Then it was time to open presents! (So awkward to have everyone watch you...but SO fun to get all the pretty new stuff!)

This is one of my favorite wedding gifts. "Aunt" Susan had gotten my brother one when he got married, and I had secretly wanted one. It's just beautiful and is now in our kitchen!

The lovely hostesses and my mom.

My AWESOME maid of honor. I just received my bachelorette party video from her (that I will not be sharing on here :)...she is a pro!

Then there was the shower with my friends! I'm so sad I don't have many pictures from this, since my computer crashed right after. But here's a few I stole from Lesley Anne on facebook :)

Christy, the mother of the 2 kids I nannied, was sweet enough to throw me this shower in the midst of trying to move to Destin. I knew it would be amazing, and she did not disappoint! She is one of my favorite people ever and is always cracking everyone up. (She also made me ugly-cry in front of everyone at our rehearsal dinner because of her was the sweetest thing)

Meg was in charge of the games...and I loved her choices! First we broke up into teams and designed wedding gowns with toilet paper. I'm pretty sure Meg stole the show with her flower headpiece :)

I don't have a picture of it, but we also had a little competition to see who could draw the best wedding dress.

Then it was time for more gifts!

My roomies senior year of college...miss them!

Christy had these sweet napkins made for us :)

The whole group!

I am so blessed to have these amazing friends!

I had another shower thrown by my mom's high school friends, but sadly those picture were deleted, too! My mom has stayed in touch with 6 of her high school girl friends, and over the years we go out to dinner with the mothers and daughters! It was so fun to have a shower with all of them!!

Next up: Rehearsals (I think...I haven't planned too far ahead :)


Shelley said... Best Blogger Tips

I just LOVE your white and yellow shower dress! So cute! :)

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Awwwww, love the picket fence thing! So cute!! And I'm loving that white and yellow dress. You are too cute!

On another note, my face is ALWAYS shiny! Does Bare Minerals help you? I used to use it, but it made my face look kinda orange?

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