Friday, July 15

I Wanna Be a Rockstar

While I was listening to my Lady Antebellum Pandora station the other day, a surprising choice of band came on...A New Found Glory. Most of you probably have no idea who this is, but they were my favorite band in middle school during my punk loving years (I didn't dress or act like a 'punkster' but I was sooo into the music). Less Than Jake, Sum 41, MXPX...those were the good 'ole days.
I actually saved up money and purchased my own electric guitar. They didn't have pink, so I settled for purple. This is exactly what it looked like!

Of course, I needed a rockin' strap to go with the guitar.

My friend, Katie, and I actually went to their concert and you better believe we dressed the part...we visited Hot Topic at the mall to fully accessorize our look...

You can't see it well in the pictures, but we had hot pink streaks in our hair :) Not sure why we went with the messy bun pig tails though??

This random song on Pandora brought me back to those dreamy days, where my friends and I would belt out the lyrics to every song, jammin' on my new guitar (which I never learned how to play...)

What was your dream job when you were young?

After remembering all of this, I grabbed my iPod and listened to a bunch of the old stuff. And I finally realized they weren't very all.


jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

oh that is so funny.
i totally had a punk rock stage too although i didnt listen to much punk i only dressed like one..

oh middle school days...

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my god! We need to be best friends. I saw New Found Glory, MXPX, Sum 41 (twice), Blink 182 (4 times), and Green Day (4 times)!

Hahaha...this friendship just gets better and better.

Awesome picture, by the way. I always wanted to be a movie critic. Still do, really. Haha!

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

ha! didn't you used to have their poster in your bedroom?? I love listening to all my old early high school cds--that was right when you could burn your own music! I'm old!

Jenn W. said... Best Blogger Tips

I had a complete punk stage at the end of middle school. I LOVED mxpx. They were my favorite. I had a couple other favorites. This made me smile.

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