Monday, July 11

More Bounce in California

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I can finally tell y'all the big news that I've been tormenting annoying you all with!

We're moving..........


Irvine, California!

It's about 45 minutes south of Los Angeles, which I am pumped about. Lots of celebs to see stalk.

Doug's company is transferring him here. We found out almost a month ago, but I couldn't put it on here until his boss announced it. I (sadly) quit my job (where I cried the ugly cry on my last day) a couple weeks ago so I could get ready for the move, and most importantly, spend time with my family. 

We are going out there next week to find a place to live, and then Doug starts on the 25th. I want to rent a house, so Maisy can have a yard to run in. This trip will actually be my first time in California! It's kind of weird that I'm moving somewhere I've never even been, but I know I'll love it.

However, I've lived in Georgia my entire life. I went to college an hour away from home. This move will be a shock to me, I'm sure, and will take some time to adjust. I'm not letting myself get sad yet...just excitement for now :)

Another exciting part is.....Doug and I are driving out there! I refuse to put my babies (Maisy and Pep) on a plane (Maisy would have to go in cargo...NO thank you!) My mom was supposed to do this trip with me, but her treatment schedule made that impossible :( 

The drive is 36 hours. Luckily, Maisy and Pep are angels in the car and sleep most of the time. I'm pretty excited about our trip! 

SO, if you know of any connections, recommendations, jobs, etc. for anything in the Irvine/LA area, let me know! We don't really know anyone or anything there!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

congrats on the move! how exciting!!

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

So exciting!!! Carly lives in Santa Monica...that's all I got for ya! :) she said there is actually a pretty good network of UGA people out there and she would get together at a bar in LA to watch the dawgs play with other alums!

Shelley said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG!!! That is so exciting! Congrats to you and your hubs on the move!

I've only been to Cali once...on our honeymoon actually and we stayed in Huntington Beach and did the Disney thing and loved it! The weather was beautiful and not super hot and the ocean was amazing!

Best wishes on a smooth move for all of you! :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations! That's so exciting. Seems like everyone is moving these days :)

Meghan said... Best Blogger Tips

That is so exciting! Congrats!!! i cannot wait to hear all about the move!

Lesley Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh!!! JULIE!!! This makes me happy but selfishly sad at the same time. We are gonna miss y'all! But I can't wait to read about your glamorous life in Cali. And I will be praying y'all find a house out there, it's the best thing that happened to us since we got a dog!

(P.S. That song always reminds me of Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. Love it!)

Heather Nelsen said... Best Blogger Tips

Julie! I am so excited for y'all! What a great opportunity. Just don't like it too much because I know your mama will want you back home down the road! ;) I can't wait to read and see the fun things (and people!) you run into!

DenimJunkie said... Best Blogger Tips

Irvine? We are always out there for the first couple months of the year. Awesome area, really close to the beach!!

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips


And it goes right through Shreveport!! WOOHOOOOOOO!!

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so excited for you!! :)

I think renting a house is a great idea for Maisy girl. I can't wait to visit you!!

That's awesome that your babies are so good in the car. Our dog is HORRIBLE.

Tara Gray said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG!!! That is so exciting!!! I can't wait to live vicariously through you and your wonderful new home =) I've always wanted to live out west but am scared to go by myself...maybe my future husband will move out there with me. But for now, I have your blog. Safe travels!! I'll be praying for a safe move and exciting adventures for yall!

Ruth said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG!! That is so exciting for you both.

kim {the non-mom blogger} said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW!!!!! How exciting!!! I'm in Northern CA so I don't have much to tell you....but it'll be so fun!!!

P.S., I see your followers now.... :-)

Whim Wham Life said... Best Blogger Tips

Woohoo! You're gonna love the West Coast:-) We're pretty much neighbors now too! xoxo

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

yayayayayayayay! SO exciting girl!! Praying for all the pieces to fall into place for your move :) Keep us updated!

meghan said... Best Blogger Tips

ohhhh my gosh!! That's so exciting!!!! WOW!! Huge move! So exciting!! I have a girlfriend from college that lives in LA. I'll ask her about job recommendations. What kind of job are you looking for specifically? Do you want to be in LA or Irvine?

Yay! California is great! You'll love it!!


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