Wednesday, August 24

Road Trip Necessities

Our cross-country road trip was shockingly easy. A huge part of this success was that our pets were perfectly behaved. But here are a few other things that made this adventure a little easier for us:


This app is amazing! If you are on a highway, it will list what's coming up at each exit. You can also make a list of favorites and it shows you where the closest favorites you can see how long you have to wait for a Starbucks!


This one's pretty obvious. A GPS is a necessity for road trips.

Cracker Barrel Audio Books

I think this was my favorite thing on the trip. Cracker Barrel has an easy way to get audio books. You can go to any Cracker Barrel and get an audio book for under $4 a week. We listened to Harlan Coben's mystery, Caught, and we both loved it. It was 11 hours so we finished it easily during the trip and dropped it off at a Cracker Barrel in Arizona! It really helped to pass the time and take your mind off of the never-ending driving.


Although this app gave me a little trouble on the second day, it was still great to have. I could write posts while we were on the road to keep y'all my mom updated :)


We definitely ate here the most. When you have two animals in the car, you can't exactly leave them to go have a sit down meal. Sonic is very pet friendly so we could walk Maisy while we waited for our food, and they had water bowls out filled with ice water. Plus they have cherry limeades, so it's a win win.

Starbucks, of course

And what would I do without my favorite coffee!? A delicious way to start the day.

Those were our favorite things on the trip. If you've ever done a long trip like this, what were your must haves?


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