Monday, August 22

The Time We Found Weed

When Doug and I finally arrived in Irvine after our 3 day road trip, we went straight to our new rental house. We were SO excited to finally be here and be able to start moving stuff into our home! 

Well, I start looking around the kitchen for the garage remotes and open up the top drawer. And sitting inside, nice and neat, is a bag of marijuana.

(this is not the actual picture, just one from google images....I am still kicking myself for not taking a picture of it!)

I yell out to Doug, "WHAT IS THIS!?" So he comes over and smells it, confirming that it is, indeed, weed. 

There was a really small amount in it, and the words "MASTER KUSH" were written on the front. So we urban dictionary the word 'kush' and it turns out it's a term for high quality pot. Sweet.

I start feeling very uncomfortable and am not quite sure what to do with our findings. Illegal drugs make me feel awkward. 

----I decided to remove the rest of the story to protect the identity of the pot heads :) ----

After all of this was over, all I could say was, "Welcome to California!"


Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

Hahahaha! Wow...that's hilarious. Your life has been so interesting lately! :)

I have some big news to tell you!!

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha, wow this is a great story! Poor parents!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG Julie! This is so scary. I don't know as much about drugs as you guys so I had to google this stuff too. It says on wikipedia that "kush is a cornmeal preparation similar to grits or polenta." I looked up "weed" and that's not neccessarily marihuana either. It says "a weed in a general sense is a plant that is considered by the user of the term to be a nuisance, and normally applied to unwanted plants in human-controlled settings, especially farm fields and gardens." So maybe the owners were right and it's some kind of plant that there kids were using in their grits or polenta.
I don't really know how else you could tell....did you smell it and did it smell at all like anything at the Sum 41 shows you used to go to? I hear drugs are prevalent at those hardcore punk shows as well.

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

so crazy! You guys sure are starting things off there right :)

jeannie said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome to California!

sburton1130 said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so funny! The same thing happened to my brother and me when we moved into our apartment. We found a bag under the couch cushions. Sounds like y'all are having fun haha!

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Hahahahaha!! So totally awkward!! Welcome to Cali!

sherri lynn said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow that is ridiculous! Illegal drugs also make me uncomfortable!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for your comment on my blog. How are you liking Irvine? I bet it's alot different. I live about an hourish south of you and pot is pretty much legal,it's everywhere. sigh.

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Bless y'all's hearts! What a warm Cali welcome. :)

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