Tuesday, October 4

Some Tuesday Humor

Doug and I were cracking up at these last night! Here are a few to brighten up your Tuesday :)

(The first 2 are my favorites)

Dennis Quaid Needs a Jump

David Beckham at Target

Sofia Vergara is Sad

David Beckham Gets a Massage

Dennis Quaid at Starbucks


Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Hahahaha these are so awesome! Thanks for sharing =) And thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

- Sarah

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emily g. said... Best Blogger Tips

omg! hahahahaha! thanks for sharing! this led to a 2 hour ellen youtube marathon!

Dennis Quaid is by far the best, hilarious how he just goes with it!

Miranda said... Best Blogger Tips

DENNIS QUAID IS HERE! lol...I am always saying that!

sburton1130 said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh I love Ellen and her hidden camera pranks! Dennis Quaid in Starbucks is my favorite!

Lindsay said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome back to blogging! I just made my husband sit down and watch these with me and we almost died laughing! Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said... Best Blogger Tips

Bahahaha I love it! Thanks for the good laugh

Wegan said... Best Blogger Tips

Ahh amazing thanks so much for posting these, I laughed so much :D!!! haha

Yay thanks for being our newest follower! Shall follow you too.

M x

khairy said... Best Blogger Tips

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