Wednesday, October 10

Great Blates and an Almost Celeb Sighting

A few housekeeping items before we get to the post:
-The winner of the Blog2Print giveaway is Miranda! Congratulations! I had so much fun doing a giveaway and it makes me want to do more. So if you didn't win this one, you're in luck because I'll be hosting another Blog2Print giveaway in about a month!
-Thank y'all for the concern about my surgery! The surgery was very successful, the recovery was kind of difficult, and I am feeling a lot better today. My nose is still really swollen but I can already tell a huge difference in being able to breathe! 


Over the past month, I've been lucky enough to meet/see some of my very favorite blog friends! Well now, they are real life friends. Soon after we moved out of our house, I flew to Indianapolis for a girls weekend with Brittany and Emma. I met these two before during my trip to Cincinnati, and it was love at first sight. We had the most relaxing weekend full of girl talk, cupcakes, and Glee. Perfection.
Thanks for the picture, Emma!
While I was in Indy, I just had to meet up with Katie! This girl is such a sweetie and I loved chatting over lunch with her. Katie is one of the few people I've met who I believe loves her dogs as much as I love Maisy...which as y'all know, is no easy feat. So obviously, we talked about our precious dogs for half of our lunch. Again, perfection :)

And then last week, Michaela moved into town! We have been discussing this day for what seems like a really long time, so I was thrilled to finally meet her! We met up at The Grove (my favorite place in LA) and grabbed dinner at the Farmer's Market. 
Afterwards, we walked around and went into a few stores and ran into her roommate in Anthropologie. (I'm going somewhere with this...) We said bye, walked around to a few more stores, and then went back to Michaela's apartment. Well, her roommate gets back about 10 minutes after us and tells us that SHE MET SHAY MITCHELL FROM PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!!! Y'all, this is one of my favorite shows EVER and I literally missed meeting her by 10 minutes. I don't think I'll ever quite get over this! 

Photos: Michaela Noelle Designs

Isn't it amazing that blogging can form real life friendships? It's like online dating for friends! (That sounds much weirder than I intended!)


Michaela said... Best Blogger Tips

AH! I still can't believe this happened. I'm so happy to live by you!!! :)

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Our blate was so much fun! Wish we could do it so much more often! Fly back out soon? :)

Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

So cool!! I LOVE blog meetups! It's so crazy how you can become SO close to someone you randomly met on the world wide web :)

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

WOOOO! Can't wait for Spring Break! ;) MISS YOU!

Kira said... Best Blogger Tips

I have met a few local girls through blogging, but have never seen any far away blogger friends before. That would be fun!

Ruth said... Best Blogger Tips

I am glad the surgery went well.
We went to the Grove a couple weeks ago when I was in LA and I got to see Adam Sandler coming out of one of the restaurants.

Miranda said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks again for the giveaway! My book already shipped and I only had to pay .60 cents!!!

I love PLL! is it weird that i am still jealous you almost met her? lol

Kasey Lynne said... Best Blogger Tips

I probably would've had a heart attack if I were to meet any of the Pretty Little Liars cast. I am pretty much obsessed with everybody on that show. Is it the 23rd already??? I NEED some more PLL in my life!

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