Thursday, January 3

New York, New York

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE NEW YORK CITY!? It's tied with Charleston for my very favorite city, and I just can't help but be happy when I'm there. My mom and I left Atlanta the day after Christmas for 3 days in the Big Apple, and every minute of our trip was just perfect. This was my 4th trip and her 2nd, so we had already seen all of the touristy things and were able to have a more laid back schedule this time. We basically ate our way through the city, with some shopping and a few shows thrown in, too. 

We started at Ellen's Stardust Diner, probably our favorite place to go. All of the servers are aspiring broadway singers, and they perform songs while they're working. SO fun! Between 2006 and now, I've probably eaten there at least 10 times, but this trip was the first time that there was a line around the block to get in. I guess everyone has discovered this wonderful little place!

We saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular for the first time and LOVED it. It was so beautiful! 

We tried Magnolia Bakery for the first time as well. It was pretty good, but Crumbs still holds the #1 spot in my heart.

Rockefeller Center

My mom was prepared for the snowy weather! Ha!

We walked along Fifth Avenue for some shopping (but the only place we purchased anything was H&M :) and Saks had the most beautiful decor I've ever seen in a store. My pictures don't do it justice!

And of course, I made a friend in Saks. This is Sooey, and after he kissed me all over my face, I was about ready to stuff him in my purse and take him home with me. Doug would probably be a little upset, but Maisy and I would love it! :)

I fell in love with these Chloe shoes, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to spend $450 on shoes!

We walked through St. Patrick's Cathedral and lit candles for my Mamaw and Pawpaw :)

And then we had my favorite thing to eat in NYC- Carnegie Deli cheesecake. Oh my word, if you like cheesecake at all, you HAVE to try this. It truly is the best in the world, and I'm missing it already. We may have gone here more than once during our 3 day trip :)

I told you we ate our way through the city- on the way back to our hotel, we grabbed a Crumbs cupcake to eat after our show that night...but we filled up on pizza and ate the cupcake for breakfast instead :)

My favorite pizza in the world- Famous Amadeus off of 51st and 8th. We may have gotten this more than once as well :)

We saw the Lion King and loved it! 

On the last day, we were all ready to go to China Town but discovered this instead- the German Christmas Market. It's basically just like China Town, but a lot closer to Times Square and not quite as hectic or sketchy! 

It really was the perfect trip, and we've decided to make it a mother-daughter tradition! Every 3 years, we'll be eating that delicious Carnegie Deli cheesecake :) 

PS- While writing this post, I realized that I really overuse smiley faces and I thought about going back and deleting a lot of them. But then I decided that's just me and how I talk, so I hope y'all don't find it too annoying :) 


Brianna Tucker said... Best Blogger Tips

Where did you stay. I would love to make a trip with the hub this year but have never been.

Jordan said... Best Blogger Tips

I love NYC too! I'll have to make a note of all of your favorite places to check out when I go in a few months. I use smiley faces a lot too! :)

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so glad you and your mom had such a fun trip! You got a lot in! My sister in law lives in NYC so I'm going to have to remember a few of these spots. Next time you go to Magnolia bakery you have to get their banana pudding. It is the BEST!

Kira said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm totally going to the Carnegie Deli next time. That looks so good! I'm always so busy with work or events when I'm in NYC. I would love to actually go for a vacation sometime! Also, totally agree...Crumbs is the best!

Carolyn said... Best Blogger Tips

I love NYC too... and have always wanted to go there over Christmas!! :) So glad you had fun! And don't delete the smiley faces! I do the same thing! HAHA :)

Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like such a fun mother/daughter trip! And, I'm starving now! :)

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the recap! It makes me realllly want a trip to the city...and to see the Lion King! I've literally wanted to see it since like middle school. Was it really good? :)

Kasey Lynne said... Best Blogger Tips

When I end up going to New York City, you'll be the first person I ask for recommendations. So cool that you and your mom got to go there for a few days after Christmas!

Isn't The Lion King musical SO good?? I've seen it twice and I loved it both times.

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