Wednesday, January 9


I meant to post this weeks ago, so now I don't even remember what month this all happened in! Maybe November? :) 

I was so happy when Michaela moved to LA for school this past year. We have had so much fun together already! We went to a taping for The Voice together and had the best time, despite it being about -20 degrees in the studio. Seriously, if you ever go to a taping for it, WEAR A PARKA. Luckily, one of the audience producers took pity on us and gave us his jacket, but we were still shivering all night while shoved in a jacket together :) It was a sight! 

The episode we went to was when the top 12 performed, and honestly they sounded even better live. That night was when Cassadee Pope became my favorite, and I'm so glad she won! Pictures aren't allowed in the studio at all, but the audience producer snuck one with his phone for us anyways :) It's terribly blurry, but you can at least tell it's us!

A couple weeks later, we met up for dinner at our favorite place in Westwood, Palomino. Michaela shares my love for their gorgonzola fries and pomegranate margarita :)

Twins in reverse!
Note to self: IRON.
Afterwards, we headed to another one of our favorites- The Grove!

We walked outside of a store to find that it was SNOWING! (Fake snow, obviously!) I flipped out and was way more excited than the kids running around. It was so beautiful!

Michaela, I'm so glad you are in LA now! And I think we're overdue for another round of gorgonzola fries and pomegranate margs :)


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