Thursday, August 19

Boone is in Covington!

There are famous people in Covington! I had always heard that Vampire Diaries was filmed here, but in the year and a half that Doug has lived here, we never saw it. Well that changed tonight. We drove through the square and there were all these vans, wardrobe racks, and tons of people with headsets on. I have never seen the show, but I knew that Ian Somerhalder is on it (who was also Boone on LOST- Suzanne and I's absolute favorite character). As some of you might know, I kind of freak out if any celebrities are around. It might be embarassing but I just don't care. I'm not that girl who screams or cries, but I do like to get lots of pictures and watch them for as long as possible. Wow that sounds creepy.

So Doug and I sat and watched them film a scene outside the Mystic Grill.


It was the most excitement this town has ever seen! They are filming until 3am in case anyone wants to make the trek to meet Boone :)


KatieB. said... Best Blogger Tips

Covington is a very popular place to film, and Georgia (the state office) is doing a lot to bring in more movies and TV shows! You may see several in the future while you live there.

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