Tuesday, September 7

Glory, Glory!

Isn't this a beautiful sight?

Doug and I were soooo excited to go to the first game in Athens this year. We were even more excited by what a blow-out it was!

And I got to see my long, lost friend Suzanne! I forgot to take a picture with her, so here's one from a few years ago!

After the game, we were hot, burnt, and tired. We wanted to watch more football but desperately wanted to lay down. Then Doug had the brilliant idea of bringing the spare mattress (that we have been using as curtains in our bedroom) into the living room! We have been without a couch for probably a month now, and we are going to use Doug's parents' couch that matches the chair in this picture, but we figured we might as well wait until we move to get it from their house.

Haha I just re-read that and realized how hick we must seem, by using a mattress as curtains and having a random mattress/bed in the living room. I guess I should explain the mattress/curtain situation. We bought the mattress from Doug's good friend, Kenny, and we plan to use it in our guest bedroom. The only problem is, we don't have a guest bedroom yet! We are also waiting to buy curtains until we move, so we figured, hey, a mattress will cover the window! Free curtains!

Ahh I can't wait to move and really set up house!

In the past few weeks, Doug has really started to bond with Pepper. This is Doug's first cat experience, and I knew that he would fall in love with Pep. Here are my 2 boys being so sweet!

Doug also made Pep a fort, and he absolutely loves it! He put 2 blankets over our coffee table. Pep sleeps in there all day and loves to bring toys or other objects he finds in there (like Doug's UGA class ring and lots of pencils that he steals :)

Sometimes Pep thinks he is smaller than he really is.

The view from inside the fort

Doug is not as small as he thinks he is either :)

Our Labor Day was so relaxing. We went to the pool, played lots of board games (we love any game or competition!), and grilled out some chicken!



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