Monday, September 13

The Worst Game Ever

Friday night, Doug and I headed to Augusta to see one of our favorite couple friends, Lesley Anne and Kyle! LA and I lived together for the last 2 years at UGA, and we have had many fun double dates together! We were also in each other's weddings this year :) So we were very excited to finally see them!
We ate pizza, watched football, and caught up with each other on Friday night. We were up bright and early on Saturday and headed to Columbia, South Carolina. My brother, a Clemson alum, has always called Columbia "the armpit of America" and I have to say I agree with him. I was not a fan. Apparently, there is ONE road that leads to the stadium, where the traffic stands still for miles. So we had about a 2 mile walk each way to the stadium. This wouldn't have been so bad had it not been blisteringly hot and HUMID!
We made it to the game and found our seats, where there were both UGA and USC fans around us. As most of you probably know, UGA looked U-G-L-Y! It was bad. And depressing. And annoying that these silly chickens were yelling at us. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the yelling. This was my first away game, and I knew that I might not like it because of all the harassing. They were MEAN! Some guy called us dog s***! I couldn't believe it!
During the game, it rained, which actually felt really good because it was so hot out. Then it stopped and the whole stadium smelled like sweaty people/wet dog. Yuck. The worst part was the guy in front of me. He was a jerk who would stand on the bleacher right in front of me (everyone else was standing up, but just on the ground, not the bleacher). His back was literally inches away from my face, so I couldn't see a thing. I asked him nicely for a while to please not stand on the bleacher, but he was too drunk to be reasonable. He even fell over on the people next to him. Oh, if I was a Jersey Shore girl, I would have decked him.

Sorry if my venting was a bit negative! Besides the game, our weekend was so fun! I have started volunteering for a non-profit pet rescue in Loganville, and I absolutely ADORE it. I worked at an adoption event in Conyers on Sunday afternoon (a post on that coming soon!). Then Sunday night, we went to the Braves game with my parents. Sadly, that was also a terrible loss! But we did have fun with family, and we even got to hang out with Doug's dad who was also at the game!
You might have noticed that my hair is about 5 inches shorter. On Friday afternoon, about 2 hours before we left for Augusta, I was watching Grey's Anatomy and I loved Izzy's short hair. I decided I wanted my hair to look like that, so I called the local salon and took the first open appointment they had! An hour later, I had a nice new haircut!


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