Thursday, September 9

Let's Get Physical!

I'm an exerciser!!!

If you know me, you probably know that I hate to exercise. Over the years, I have thrown away a lot of money by joining gyms, getting a personal trainer, buying exercise equipment, etc. I get motivated, but I usually last a week and then realize that I don't like it.

I love playing sports and being competitive, but I don't really enjoy being in a sweaty gym. It just bores me.

The one thing I don't hate is walking. I actually really enjoy it...especially when I'm walking a dog! (Hint hint Doug ;) If I am somewhere where there are pretty things to look at, or if I have someone to talk to, or I have some great music to listen to on my ipod, I am one happy camper who doesn't mind a little "power walking."

Doug has been training for a half-marathon in October, so he runs about 4 times a week. Now that the weather is becoming wonderful and it's not 100 degrees every day, I decided to join him on Tuesday night. We went to the beautiful street of historic homes in downtown Covington, and I walked while he ran. I listened to some crunk music, and I walked 2.5 miles!! I was so proud. All you fitness gurus out there are probably laughing at me, but for me, it was a big feat that I was even willing to do it!

And guess what...I did it again last night!

This picture makes me laugh...hopefully I don't look quite like this!

Or this

Speaking of exercising, this is me and my mii. On a beach trip with Doug's family, we played wii and I decided to dress like my mii. Spot on!

Now if I just had a dog, I might walk EVERY DAY! :)


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