Monday, December 6

Day 7: Holiday Crafts

Day 7: Holiday Craft/DIY

I have 2 easy crafts for you!

1. This craft is super easy. If you can wrap a gift, you can do this.

So I wanted a few Christmas things for our walls in the living room, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money. This one cost me about $3!

Wrapping paper
A wall picture/frame
Ribbon and bow

1. Wrap each picture like a gift

2. Wrap it with ribbon and finish with a bow!

Voila! Festive wall art for just about nothing!

2. So I bought these adorable stocking hangers last year at the after Christmas sales.

They are really cute, but they just don't match the rest of our Christmas decor. Doug is over me buying Christmas stuff (I call him Scrooge) so I found a way to satisfy my need for everything to coordinate while keeping Doug happy (hopefully...he doesn't know yet :)

I looked online to find simple, inexpensive but pretty stocking holders, and I couldn't find much for under $20 a piece! Crazy! (I love the word stocking holders from Target, but once we have an addition to our family, we would have to get new ones again!) So I wanted something that I could easily add to in the future.

So I created these little beauties!

I found beautiful ornaments at Hobby Lobby for $2 a piece, and the bases were $3 each at Walmart. Just add a drop of hot glue!

Pep graciously provided a nice backdrop for me.

He's such a little model!

Is my glitter obsession obvious yet? Just wait til you see the rest of the decorations! Pep has been covered in glitter all week...oops!


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