Thursday, December 23

Recovering Rudolph

Thank y'all so much for all of the sweet comments and thoughts! I love my bloggy friends, y'all are just the best. So I just wanted to update y'all on the surgery! It went really, really well and I feel a lot better this time around than I did last year. Obviously, the surgeon knew what he was doing this time!

I do have a little more pain in my nose this time, but that's a good thing because that shows us that he actually fixed it. It hurts towards the back of my nose where he reduced the turbinates, it especially hurts when I talk or swallow. No bueno.

Doug is an excellent nurse, and he just makes me so happy because he is so dang sweet! It makes the whole thing a little easier to have him with me.

I'm not nearly as loopy as I thought I might be. I'm actually pretty awake and perky most of the time, but then all of a sudden I get so tired and just pass out!

And ya know how I mentioned the nurse wanted to dress me up as Rudolph? Well, it happened! She got a medical sponge and colored it red with a sharpie. My mom brought the antlers. So apparently when they wheeled my bed out from the OR, I was still unconscious but I had my red nose and antlers on. It was a big hit with the nurses :)
And when the volunteer came with a wheelchair to get me out to the car, he looked EXACTLY like Santa! It couldn't have been more perfect. He was a big man with grey hair & beard, wearing a red shirt and a santa hat. And the wheelchair was red! So I kept my little costume on, and we strolled through the hospital looking like Santa, his sleigh, and Rudolph! We have lots of pictures of it, but they are on my mom's phone and I have no idea how to put them on a computer. Plus, I look pretty terrifying so those might not make it on here! When we got home, Pep was kind of terrified of me when I had the antlers on! Ha!

On the way home, I was in the front seat and was feeling pretty good, so I wanted to freak some people out on the road. I just stared and them and smiled, with my red nose, antlers, and black eyes! :) We got some good reactions and lots of double-takes!

And one more exciting piece of news- I got my big Christmas present from Doug last night. He got me the Canon Rebel T1i!!!!!!!!!!!
He knows me better than I know myself. He knew I was torn about which camera to get (that or the Xsi- which doesn't have video) and he definitely picked the right one!! It's awesome and I can't wait to learn how to use it. He is such a good hubby, I am so lucky!!!

I hope this all made sense, I could be pretty loopy and just have no idea!

Y'all keep the posts coming, I need some good entertainment while I'm stuck in bed! :)


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