Tuesday, April 24

I Have the Best Mom

You know what's even better than getting mail?

When your dog gets mail.

My mom sent Maisy a care package, and it was the sweetest thing! She also included something for Pep and Diego, too, so they wouldn't be too jealous :)

Maisy had her stitches removed yesterday and she is just about back to normal. Speaking of normal, hopefully I can get back to regular blogging soon!


Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

That's adorable!!! Moms always know just what to do! :)

Cole said... Best Blogger Tips

That's one awesome fur-grammy! I hope Miss Maisy is feeling like herself and recovering well!

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips
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Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad that Maisy is doing well. Nice of her grandparents to send her gifts. : )

Alex Byer said... Best Blogger Tips

This is the cutest thing. EVER! Love love love :)

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this!!!

J and A said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute!! Love that. Glad she is feeling better!!

Michaela said... Best Blogger Tips

Hands down the sweetest package! Maisy loved it :) Glad she's on the mend! xo

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

That is just so sweet!!!! I'm so glad Maisy is getting back to normal...I'm sure the treats will help. :)

Sarah @ Simply Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad that the fur babies are happy! Also glad that Maisy got ht her stitches out! Dax still has a few days left on his. He is so miserable not being able to run around all the time!

Christy said... Best Blogger Tips

So sweet! My MIL always brings something for our kitties when she comes to visit. Don't think they've ever received a package in the mail though! Too cute! :)

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

That is too sweet. Moms always seem to know the perfect course of action and I definitely see who you take after!! :) What a wonderful family you have!

Angel said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my gosh, that is SOO adorable! i absolutely LOVE getting mail but that is so sweet that maisy got mail too! love it :)

Samuel.Ricafort said... Best Blogger Tips

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