Wednesday, April 4

Shower Inspiration: Part 2

Here are the rest of the DIY projects from Allison's baby shower! You can see part 1 here.

My other favorite craft for Allison's baby shower were the candy egg favors!

I got the idea from this pin:

And I made a few changes to make it a little less time consuming. In the original, she made the nests out of melted chocolate and chinese noodles. I decided to use brown shredded paper, and it took less than 10 minutes to make all of the nests!

Since I wasn't using chocolate in the nest, I decided to put the eggs (we used jelly bean eggs) on a drop of melted chocolate so they would stay in place in the nest.
And for the tags, I designed them using MyMemories Suite, printed them on cardstock, and tied them up with yarn!

I followed this tutorial for the tissue paper pom poms, except I crinkled them up so they would look a little less uniform and more fluffy and cloud-like. 

My mom wouldn't let me tape the yarn to the ceiling, so I got these dowels at Home Depot for less than $2 and set them on top of the light fixture. I was worried it would look tacky, but several people at the shower commented that it looked "very anthro" :)

I found these birds and birdhouses at Michael's for .99 each! I bought some cheap acrylic paint to spruce them up and match the decor!

And for the game, I got the idea from this pin: 

Again, I designed them using MyMemories Suite and printed them on cardstock (I bought a 100-sheet pack for $5 and made everything, including the invitations, from this one pack! Such a deal!) And I changed Wishes for Baby to Wishes for Fisher, because it just sounds much cuter :)

That's it! I've found that it's a lot more fun to make everything rather than getting store-bought things. I think it makes for a much more personalized event!


Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

everything is so stinkin' cute! love those little birdie nests!

J and A said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing!!! You rock. Love.

Joelle :: Something Charming said... Best Blogger Tips

This is definitely a DIY success my dear. You did such a fabulous job with all of it! Just lovely :)


Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

Love those little bird's nests! SO cute!

Kira said... Best Blogger Tips

Using the dowels was a great idea!

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Seriously, the cutest. I wouldn't be surprised if someone pinned these pics to Pinterest for other people to use. Can't wait to have you host all my parties in the future!!! (now, i just need to work on getting the ring so i have something to celebrate...)

Ashley Slater said... Best Blogger Tips

oh julie you did great! everything was AWESOME!

Anna said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it all! You did such a great job! :)

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

I love how the My Memories software has really helped you with all of this!! So awesome!

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

i loved this shower! you did an amazing job!!

miss you lots friend!! we need to catch up soon. oh and you'd be proud - officially cut it OFF with BN ;)

Laura Darling said... Best Blogger Tips

Everything looks perfect! You did such an amazing job!


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