Monday, April 4

Happy Weekend

We had such a great weekend. Well, I did...poor Doug had to write a ridiculously long paper. Only a few more months left of grad school! Woo hoo!

Friday night, we did our usual pizza but no movie since Doug had to write. Have y'all had Fellini's before? I think it's an Atlanta restaurant, but it is my favorite pizza ever. We have 4 of them within 5 miles of our apartment, too...this may or may not have been planned...

When they brought our food to our table, the guy asked "where's everyone else?" We might have ordered enough food to feed a family of 8. We weren't sure if we should be embarassed or proud. Of course, we only ate half of it and had plenty of leftovers :-)

Saturday, I woke up bright and early to be a personal shopper at Share the Dress. It was such a rewarding experience. I seriously had the sweetest girls and it just made me so happy to see them so happy. Here is one girl wearing one of my old prom dresses! I admit, it was hard to let go of these dresses but it was definitely worth it! I want to do a full post on this once I can get the pictures from the photographer.

On Sunday, I had a "blate" (blog date...I think Megan coined this brilliant term :) with Jessica from Miss Southern Vol. We found each other last week, realized how much we had in common and that she lives in my hometown, and decided we must meet! We had lunch at Bahama Breeze (I'm obsessed with their coconut shrimp) and had such a great time! I felt like I had known her forever! Now a double date Braves game is in the works...

Please excuse the pasty whiteness that is me.

That's all for now! I (might) have some exciting news to share soon....we'll see how it goes!


Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

I MUST hear this exciting news! You are killing me!

That's so great about Share the Dress. What a wonderful program. :)

Blogger meetup! How fun! I wish we didn't live 8 hours away from each other! Haha!

Tara Gray said... Best Blogger Tips

I recently volunteered with a similar organization called cinderella's closet and more of atlanta. It was so much fun seeing the girls get so excited when they find their special dress! Glad you had lots of fun too!!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Too funny about the pizza! Now I am craving some! :)

Taylor Morgan said... Best Blogger Tips

I need to go to Atlanta to try Fellinis! looks amazing! that's so sweet you donated your prom dress. I have to admit that would be really hard for me to do. Can't wait to read more about it.

meghan said... Best Blogger Tips

:( I miss Fellinis!!! Oh my goodness my friends and I would go there all the time and get a salad and a piece or two each. Have you gone to the Cuban place nextdoor to the one on Ponce? So yummy.

Will you please go to Willy's and post pictures?? It was my life for five years. Sad, but true. The lady at the checkout used to sneak me free sodas because she realized I was going poor on their food. :)

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

So fun that you got to have a blogger date! I want to go on one! (Fun Fact: Brittany and actually live 10 minutes away from each other at home but NEVER find time to get together. It's lame.)

Also, NOM to the pizza and BOO to your tease at the end. What's your major news?!?!? I want to know! Cruel, lady. ;)

P.S. The cover girl on my Glamour is Ashley Greene from the Twilight movies. Not a huge fan of her - I think she seems snobby!

Hope you had a great Monday!

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