Monday, April 18

Weekend Recap

Another busy weekend for the books! Even though we are doing fun things, I'm so looking forward to a weekend where we have absolutely nothing to do! This girl needs some rest!

On Saturday, we went to Athens for G-Day, the UGA scrimmage game. It always gets us pumped up for football in the fall! And we just love going back to our alma mater :)

After the game, Doug had the brilliant idea of eating lunch at the dining hall. He was on the meal plan all four years (for a good reason). It is awesome food and they offer a huge variety of delicious items. One of my favorite things in the world is ECV's Chicken Philly (paired with tater tots and chocolate chip cookies :)

We ran errands the rest of the day and prepared for our 5k the next morning in Athens. Since it was for breast cancer research, everyone was encouraged to wear pink. Doug and I had our outfits all picked out, and we decided Maisy should also dress for the occasion :)

We found this pink sweater at Petsmart for $5! I was SO EXCITED to see if she would wear it. Turns out, she loved it! Maisy felt so pretty in her snazzy outfit and pranced around for everyone to see how cute she is :)

It was definitely a little snug on her and it ended up ripping by the end of the race, but nothing that a little needle and thread (and probably some extra fabric) can't fix for next season!

My father-in-law won 3rd in his group, my mother-in-law won 1st, and Doug won 2nd! So proud of them! Of course, I didn't win anything...I was just happy to survive it!

I probably haven't ran in 2 years (since my last 5k that I was forced to do did). I ran more of the race than I expected to, since Maisy realllllly wanted to run. And I also ran a lot faster than I wanted to, since she was pulling me. And now, I can. not. move. Every muscle in my lower half is killing me! For some reason that Doug still can't figure out, the muscle that's hurting me the most is the muscle right next to my shin bone. Any idea why that is!? I've found that if I pick my foot straight up instead of toe-up first, it doesn't hurt nearly as bad. However, that also makes me look like a shuffling 90 year old. I'm getting around real slow today!

This is how Maisy and I felt for the rest of the day.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!


Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so glad you finished the 5k and that you done it for a great cause :) Miss Maisy looked very snazzy herself :)

JMay said... Best Blogger Tips

You and your man are so cute together! The couple that works out together stays together ;-)

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

I will watch football ANY time of the year! That's awesome that you went to the game. Good for you for finishing the 5K!

You have the CUTEST little family. That picture of you, Doug, and Maisy actually made me...AWWWW! out loud.

Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Julie! That muscle is called the anterior tibialis. It's the muscle that pulls your foot up towards you (which is why it feels better if you don't lift your foot). It's the cause of shin splints. You probably strained it running. Ice and resting it will help :) Hope that helps


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Definitely sounds like the beginning of shin splints.. may need to take off for a little while and def ice.. it can be really painful! (sometimes new shoes can help too) :)

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Maisy's pink shirt! I used to enjoy our cafeteria, too. Some stuff was terrible, but some stuff was delicious!


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