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Golden Globes: Best and Worst Dressed

It's here!!!!!!! Awards Season!!! For the most part, I really loved everyone's look last night. I prefer very classic and simple looks, so y'all will probably disagree with some of my choices! Here's my best and worst looks:


Of course, I have to say my girl Reese! She is my favorite actress/celebrity ever. I just adore her. 

I think Michelle Williams seems so sweet and so humble. She's just adorable.

LOVE this.

For her age, I think Laura Dern looks incredible!

Charlize is stunning! I could have done without the big bow, though.

And this color is perfect on Octavia Spencer

I LOVE Felicity Huffman's dress and their song was so cute! It's much more fun when they put a little personality into the presentations.

Diane Lane is stunning in this gold gown!

I also think Claire Danes seems so sweet and down to earth.

Kate Winslet's dress wasn't my favorite, but I thought her hair and especially make up were flawless!

I loved this look but I felt like it should have been pulled up just a little! I was nervous that she'd have a wardrobe malfunction!

Jessica Alba is perfect in this gorgeous gown

But Stacy Keibler had my favorite dress of the night. Loved her hair, her makeup, and her arm candy :)

And of course I had to include this little cutie. I loved how he stole the spotlight during their speech!


Dianna Agron definitely disappointed me with this. She is so pretty and this was just too much for her petite frame.

Emma Stone is my other favorite actress/celeb. I ADORE her personality and sense of humor, and I usually love her red carpet looks. This one (and the eagle belt buckle) was not my favorite.

No no no no no no no no. NO.

I know this dress is on a lot of 'Best' lists, but I don't like the bottom at all! I'm a classic lines, minimalistic kinda girl. However, Elle is absolutely gorgeous.

Angelina needs to eat. She looks emaciated and cold....not a fan of this look or her!

I can't decide how I feel about Lea Michelle. Her red carpet faces annoy me....I think she just tries a little too hard! Plus this dress is the complete opposite of classy.

Nope...didn't like the colors or the feathers.

What did you think of the show/red carpet last night? Agree or disagree with my choices?

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Sarah @ Simply Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with you about George Clooney's girlfriend. I love a simple look!

And poor J. Biel.... bless her heart.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

Shailene Woodley (the girl who's dress looks like it's falling) actually had an illusion neckline. There is material all the way up to her neck that you can see if you look really closely. I didn't notice this either until they talked about it the morning on the today show!

xx Emily @

Meghan said... Best Blogger Tips

I completely agree with your choices! Reese and Charlize were my favorites of the night and I was really disappointed in the Glee gals!

Kira said... Best Blogger Tips

I didn't watch the Golden Globes, but looking at these, I agree that Lea Michelle's dress is absolutely hideous. And, I love Michelle Williams' look, but honestly, she could have put on what Lea Michelle was wearing and it would have at least looked decent. Michelle Williams is just amazing.

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

I thought Diane Lane looked stunning, but that woman is ageless. Also, Tilda Swinton blew me away last night. I know her look isn't for everyone, but she can do no wrong in my book. Michelle Williams was also beautiful - she seems so classy.

I will agree with you on Lea Michelle. She comes off as so annoying! Her red carpet sexy faces make her seem so desperate!

Amanda C. said... Best Blogger Tips

I like Reese's dress the best. Iam not a fan of Angelina Jolie either. You are right she always looks so cold and emotionless.

Daniela said... Best Blogger Tips

I definitely agree with you on all the worst! Angelina Jolie looks terrible!!

Daniela said... Best Blogger Tips

I definitely agree with you on all the worst! Angelina Jolie looks terrible!!

Lindsay said... Best Blogger Tips

Reese and Claire Danes were my favorites. I always love Reese and I really liked the back of Claire Danes' dress. It was so pretty!

Petchie said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Reese she looks amazing!


Dale said... Best Blogger Tips

I totally agree with you on so many of these. I actually loved Angelina's dress, but I think a lot of people are split on it and now that I really look at her, she does look way too skinny. I love watching all the red carpet fashion. Thanks so much for posting and I like your blog, following you. I just posted on the red carpet fashion too. hehe


Miranda said... Best Blogger Tips

i always love what Reese wears! she is my fave as well. I actually liked Emma Stone's dress but i could do without the eagle thingy :) Also Stacy Kiebler looked flawless! i think Angelina Jolie wears a lot of great things but that dress was awful...and she looks like she needs to gain quite a bit of weight!

Jules said... Best Blogger Tips

We are so on the same page with our picks! I think Angelina needs to eat a cheeseburger. She just doesn't look right at all.

I love Reese and Charlize! I completely forgot about Stacy Keibler, but she really did look gorgeous. She also had the perfect accessory; George!

I also thought the dog was adorable. He looks so cute in his little bow tie.

Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy were so fun together. I love them both (Shameless is one of my new-ish favorite shows).

Anna said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with your picks.

I'm not a fan of Lea Michelle, so this just gives me another reason. lol

Rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

Reese did look gorgeous! My favorite! I didn't get to watch, so thanks for posting this. Looking at the dresses is my favorite part!

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with everything you said. Jessica Alba looked GORGEOUS! I wish I was Kate Winslet. Not even remotely surprised that you included the precious pup from The Artist!

Angelina Jolie looks TERRIFYING. I normally think Lea Michele is gorgeous, but that dress was nauseating and depressing. Why can't she actually be Rachel?

I love that you blogged about the dresses and the girls...and I blogged about all the guys! Typical. We're a perfect team! :)

TheLostApple said... Best Blogger Tips

I totally agree with your choices. I just wish Reese would have pulled her hair back a little neater. Also I really liked Sarah Michelle Gellars dress even though E put her on worst dressed

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