Tuesday, November 2

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13 & Weekend Recap!

So before I do today's post, I had to share our weekend with y'all. It was a fun one! On Friday, we headed to Decatur to Doug's favorite pizza place, Zucca's, (which reminds me I still need to post the tour de pizza reviews! oops!) After dinner, we went to The Plaza Theater in Atlanta for the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Oh. My. Goodness. I have no words. Actually, that's not true. We couldn't stop talking about it afterwards. It was definitely something we had to experience (probably the only time) but it was really fun and definitely entertaining. If you are going to see it, you should go to The Plaza. They show it EVERY Friday night. And they have a cast who acts along with the movie, and they add in some extra humor. I took some pictures, but I don't think they are very appropriate for the blog! The Halloween costumes might be a bit shocking!

Saturday, we had a lazy day of watching football (sad game for the Bulldogs) and we were going to go to a corn maze on Saturday night, but the UGA game lasted a little longer than we expected and we didn't have enough time to get there before it closed. So we plan on going this weekend!

We tried another church on Sunday (no success...Covington churches are a bit different than I'm used to) and then Doug worked on a paper all day. However, he stopped early so we could prepare for HALLOWEEN! We were so excited to have trick-or-treaters, and we quickly decided to set up something to scare them with.

This is what we came up with:

I really hope you can see the 2nd picture. We played creepy Halloween sounds (girls screaming, chainsaws, etc.), had all the lights out with lots of candles everywhere, and had a spotlight (fashioned by a flashlight tied to our lamp :) shining on a pizza box. When the kids came, one of us answered the door and told them we had "Halloween pizza." The kids were usually very excited and walked forward to grab a slice. So I would open the box and a HAND would grasp at them, while the HAND also screamed loudly! We got some really great scares, including a group of adorable girls who, after they screamed, came back and said "for real though, can we have some pizza?" Apparently, we were the "cool" apartment in the neighborhood, which we were very happy about.

PS- If you are wondering what is in the box, Doug and I decided that he should put some ketchup in there to look like blood. Then, Doug decided to add mustard (????) and dirt in the box. It stunk.

  • Get a professional job
  • Find a church we love (I really want to join a small group...however, it seems that there are no small groups in Covington)
  • Get a dog
  • Exercise somewhat regularly at all
  • Buy a house
  • Have babies
  • Travel as much as possible (especially back to Europe)


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