Monday, November 29

Our Thanksgiving

I have had quite the break from blogging! It was nice, but I'm glad to be back :)
Doug and I spent Thanksgiving in Clinton, Mississippi with his huge, wonderful family! (Haha...that sounds like they are huge people, which they are not...there are just a lot of them! :)
We had a DELICIOUS Thanksgiving meal, of which I ate entirely too much. And I continued to eat too much every meal throughout the weekend. And now I can't stop! His Granny had at least 5 desserts at their house, so I took full advantage of those :)
We bowled a couple times, hung out with lots of cousins, played some poker with Papaw (he whooped us), and just had a really great time. I am so thankful that when I go to Mississippi, I really feel like they are my family, instead of just visiting someone else's relatives. But of course I missed my family!
Unfortunately, Doug and I are sick. First, my father-in-law had it, then my SIL, then MIL, then BIL, then us! I guess we have an upper respiratory infection, but it is no fun. We look and sound pretty pitiful, but that did not stop me from decorating today. I was determined to get it all done so I could enjoy it for as long as possible. I just about passed out while putting the tree together, but now our apartment looks lovely and I could just stare at the tree for hours. I want to put up a few pictures, but first I need to vacuum, and neither of us have the strength to do it yet! Ha!
Also- PINK LADIES ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! I won my fantasy league! I was so excited, because this has definitely been the hardest season yet. Next year, I want to play for money! Let me know if you know of one!
Y'all need to take advantage of the great deals of Cyber Monday! I just bought myself a few Christmas presents from New York and Co, my absolute favorite store. They are offering 50% off EVERYTHING and FREE shipping on all online orders! So go shop!


Brandi Nell said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Sorry you are sick! Maybe your new duds from NY&Co will make you feel better!

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