Monday, November 1

Pins for Pups!!!

So you know a few months ago when I started talking about maybe planning a fundraiser for Bliss Animal Haven? The time is finally here!!!

Like my snazzy flyer? :)

I have been planning a fundraiser than will hopefully bring in some good money so Bliss can get a transport vehicle (to take dogs to and from adoption sites).

The Details:

Sunday, November 7th
1:00pm at Oasis Bowling, Loganville, GA
$20 for 3 games of bowling, rental shoes, and a raffle ticket for the door prizes (I got some great gift cards! :)

SO, if you love me, you will come. I kid, I kid. But seriously, I would LOVE for anyone and everyone to come! I have started to panic a little that no one will come, and the puppies and I will be ever so sad. Please don't make puppies cry!

If you do want to come (and bring lots of friends) email to RSVP!

Hope to see you there! :)


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