Monday, November 15

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26 & Weekend Recap

For the most part, we had a pretty relaxing weekend. On Friday, we headed to Corn Dawgs for their corn maze. We were in there for a while, but I think we made pretty good time! The cold weather got to my nose, and I ended up sneezing the entire time. One of their employees came to check on me because he could hear my incessant sneezing from across the maze. Embarassing!

So we came home, watched some football, and I treated myself to some delicious hot chocolate. I am so happy Christmas is finally here!

The rest of the weekend was very relaxing, which was a much needed change! We took advantage of some sales at Kohl's and almost completed our Christmas shopping! (And I got a new Christmas candle....YUM!)

I can't promise that our apartment won't be fully decorated by the end of the week ;)

Picture of Your Family

This is both of our immediate families

And this is my entire family! Yes, there are 13 of us. I have a pretty tiny family, but I love it!

And I get to experience having a big family now, since this is only part of Doug's extended family!

And I can't forget our favorite little family member :)

Oh and one last adorable picture. I went home last week to go to the ENT. While I was there, our precious dog, Deuce, had a little cut on his elbow so I was his nurse. Here is my good little pitiful is this face!?


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