Monday, November 8

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 19 & Weekend Recap

We had a busy but fun weekend! On Saturday, we headed over to Athens for the game with the in-laws! It was a great game, and I even got to see Suzanne!

And on Sunday...

Pins for Pups = Success!!

It couldn't have gone better! We had about 50 people come out, and everyone had a great time bowling! (As you can tell by Suzanne's face/thumbs up!)

Two days in a row! Love it!

We brought some of the dogs out, so everyone could meet them! Meet Maisy. This little lady stole everyone's heart, including mine. You may think she is sticking her tongue out at you, but her lip just gets stuck on her teeth all the time. Cutest thing ever. Oh yeah, she also gives hugs. I want her.

This is little Ella...what a cutie!

My sweet hubby came to support me...and even helped us by being our emcee for the door prizes!

I was pretty excited about the door prizes/raffle. I went around to a lot of businesses in Loganville and asked if they could donate anything, mainly giftcards. I ended up getting:
$25 to Walmart
$20 to Lowe's
$10 to Kroger
2 $5 Bassano's Pizzeria Giftcards
4 Free Sub Coupons to Jersey Mike's
I also made a Doggie-basket, full of toys, treats, food bowls, etc.
Lindsey got a cute purse and a $5 giftcard to Starbucks!
All of these contributors were so great to work with, thank you!!!

My mom was in a bowling league when I was younger, so I was under the impression that she was really good (She had her own ball & shoes...if you are that legit, you have to be good!) Boy, was I wrong! She struggled at first, but her inner pro came out towards the end! Look at that form! :)

My sweet family came out to support me/Bliss! Thank you!!

Lindsey and me! We made a great team, and we are thinking about hosting another event in the Spring!

It was definitely a successful event, and we ended up raising over $500!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out!!

And now for something not as happy....
Something You Miss

I think two things that I'm really missing right now are:

Being close (location-wise) to everyone I, friends, and pets, of course!



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