Sunday, February 20

And the winner is...

I used to get the winner

1. Ashley
2. Ashley
3. Ashley
4. Amy
5. Amy
6. Meghan
7. Meghan
8. Emma
Amy said, "Would most definitely buy something to make my Yelly girl smile, maybe a cute bathing suit for her swimming physical therapy."

(I wasn't sure if it was okay to post this, but Amy left a comment on this post so I will go ahead and fill y'all in.) Amy was our wedding coordinator at the church we were married in, and she is just a lovely person with a lovely family. Her 7 year old daughter, Danielle, was diagnosed with leukemia just over a month ago. So I am very happy that Amy can use this giftcard to buy something for Danielle!
Congratulations, Amy! Please email me at with your address!

Thanks everyone for entering! Even if you didn't win, I think we all deserve a little trip to Target anyways :-)


Bonnie said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats to Amy! I definitely love little trips to Target!

P.S. The gold star goes to you:-) Easy quote, right? I have 3 brothers, so I'm all about movie quotes! xoxo

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Bonnie! Because many of you don't know, my 7 year old daugther was diagnosed with leukemia just over a month ago. She's the Yelly, or Danielle, that could use a smile. If you don't think that God uses the blog world to spread His love. Think again!! And thank you Julie, you've given me a smile today!


Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats to Amy! I hope she has fun with her Target shopping trip. :)

P.S. HI JULIE!!! Hope you had a great weekend!

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm happy for Amy! Target = Small slice of Heaven.

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